Elizabeth Taylor Never Unopened the 3rd Husband’s Coffin, Found in ‘Stranger than Strange.’ She Attempted Theft

Elizabeth Taylor, her third husband and late Hollywood producer Mike Todd, died in a terrible plane crash. The actress visited his gravesite to pay respects to him on one his posthumous birthdays. Surprisingly, however, the gravesite had been robbed days later.

Elizabeth Taylor was a beloved and talented actress from Hollywood. She lived behind the scenes like she was starring on a romantic sitcom.

The actress was married seven times to her husbands, and even twice to Richard Burton, her fifth husband. Taylor, who was often described as romantic, is happy to be someone she’s not in order to make her husbands happy.Source: Getty Images

Portrait Of Elizabeth Taylor. | Source: Getty Images

The actressAlso, she once said that women dress for men. She always thought that dressing well would make men happy. However, her methods didn’t work because she divorced all but one of her husbands.

The couple were married in a small tropical village close to a Mexican resort on February 2, 1957. Taylor was accompanied by his parents, close friends, and a few relatives. The best men at the wedding were Mexican comedian Mario Moreno (Mexico) and Singer Eddie Fisher (Single).

Mexico’s simple ceremony is required to make a marriage legal. PerformedMario Lopotequi, new Mayor of Acapulco.

Today, Elizabeth Taylor, a movie actress, married Mike Todd in a simple civil ceremony. Only a small number of their relatives and friends were present.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

After the party, there was a buffet supper and a cocktail reception. The new couple went on their honeymoon to an unknown location in Mexico.

This was the third marriage ceremony for the couple. Taylor was celebrating her marriage to actor Michael Wilding, while Todd was resolving his divorce from Joan Blundell.

Taylor wore a Helen Rose mauve-colored Helen Rose original bridal dress, while carrying bouquets of white and butterflies orchids and lilies in the valleys. Because no rabbi was available, the couple had to cancel the Jewish service they were due to follow.

Elizabeth Taylor, actor, roducer Mike Todd, with their month-old girl Liza. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Taylor and Todd had a wonderful relationship in the early stages. Anne, a family friend of the couple, said that Todd was a great man. BestowedTaylor was different from any other woman that he has ever met.

Todd chartered a plane for Taylor to receive a meal from France while Taylor was pregnant. It was just because Taylor wanted it for dinner.

The couple WelcomeTheir child Elizabeth Frances Todd was born in New York on August 6, 1957. Taylor had to have a cesarean to assist her delivery because of premature labor.


Portrait of Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd at their honeymoon getaway. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Taylor’s third spouse, Mike Todd, was killed in a tragic plane crash after his plane crashed. “The Liz,”Named after the actress, the storm that caused the crash into the mountains in Western New Mexico killed the driver. Todd was not the only victim of the crash.

Film writer Art Cohn, pilot Bill Verner, as well as Tom Barkley, co-pilot, all lost their lives in the crash. Todd called Joseph Mankiewicz hours before the flight to invite him on the fatal trip that cost his life. Todd was a good man. Assured Source: Getty Images Mankiewicz:

“Ah, c’mon. It’s a good safe plane. I wouldn’t let it crash. I’m taking along a picture of Elizabeth, and I wouldn’t let anything happen to her.”

Actress Elizabeth Taylor & producer Mike Todd prepare to emplane at Idlewild Airport for Mexico City. | Source: Getty Images

Todd also assured Todd that he had $3,000,000 in insurance and that everything would be okay. However, Mankiewicz backed out. Todd also reached out to actor Kirk Douglas but he was unable to make it in the time allowed. Cohn had been with Todd onboard the plane, as he wanted to talk about his book on the producer.

Taylor, on the other hand, would have gone with her husband to the trip if she hadn’t caught a cold which kept her at home in West Coast. After hearing about her husband’s death, the actress was unable to breathe and was sedated. Todd and his wife HadThey made a pact before his death.

“Whither thou goest, I goest too.”

Actress Elizabeth Taylor and her husband, producer Mike Todd attend the 29th Academy Awards ceremony. They were accompanied by Mike Todd, their second husband. Mike Todd won the Oscar for best film for his film ‘Around The World In 80 Days. It was held at RKO Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

The producer who died in the accident broke that promise and traveled without his wife, despite her pleas to him to stay at home. When the tragic accident occurred, the producer was headed to New York for an award ceremony. Todd was also to accept the award. “Showman of the Year”Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Banquet


Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd, her late husband as a film producer. | Source: Getty Images

Taylor paid tribute in 1977 to Mike Todd, two days after his posthumous birthday. But, days later, the gravesite of the late producer was mysteriously robbed. So calledYou can find more information at “stranger than strange”Incident and the work of “some very sick person.”

Some investigators also noted that this could have been part in a far-fetched scheme to extort money and that they were monitoring to see if there would be threats to the family of their late producer.

Police Sargent Richard Archambault said that Taylor’s presence at the cemetery a few days earlier could have drawn attention to the site. But he said that he assumed because there was no evidence that would support such a connection.

Mike Todd, producer, is at the top of the Cinema World with Elizabeth Taylor, his wife, at the International Film Festival. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Todd’s burnt body from the crash meant that his body had to have been identified by dental records. The remains of Todd were placed in a rubber bag and sealed inside a bronze coffin. It was never opened once it arrived in New Mexico.

Police identified Glen DeVos and Peter Basile of Wilmette, who were both convicted of organized crime, as the perpetrators two years later. They had dug the grave in an attempt to exhume a 10-carat, diamond ring that they believed belonged with the deceased producer.

Basile and DeVos had previously been ConvictedFrank Cullotta, an informant, was accused of conspiring to transport stolen property.

At the International Film Festival in Cannes, Mike Todd, producer, kisses Elizabeth Taylor, actress, as he is at the top of the Cinema World.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

According to a government memo the couple went to the grave and dug till they found Todd’s casket. They then broke through the coffin’s top and searched the body bag for the ring, but they couldn’t find it.

Basile then carried the body to a nearby bush. Basile was instructed to draw a plan of where he had dumped his body. Two days later, Todd’s body was found by police after a private detective had gotten information from an informant.

Basile and DeVos tried to find a ring for the producer, but he was not buried with any jewelry. Instead, his body, which was discovered, was moved to another place.

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