“Elite” Season 4 Ending Explained – When Is Season 5 Coming?

Netflix is a hub of incredible Spanish drama teen shows. Over the last few years, the streaming king has delivered some mind-boggling super binge-worthy Spanish hits and “Elite” is one of them. With some sensational characters and an exciting storyline, “Elite” is one of the trending shows on Netflix.

"Elite" Season 4 Ending Explained - When Is Season 5 Coming?

In 2018, Carlos Montero Dario Madrona, one of the prominent directors in the industry delivered a hit international teen drama series, “Elite”. The series instantly grabbed the audience’s eye and now it’s the most-watched Spanish show on Netflix. “Elite” is currently running its fourth installment on Netflix and its fifth chapter is already under development.

“Elite” is a Spanish teen drama series that features some insanely talented actors. Each season reveals some mystery, crime, and suspense. The plot deals with two timelines – the present and the future. Season 4 of “Elite” arrived on Netflix on June 18, 2021. The audience was shocked to watch the most intense plot of the series. The latest season introduces a bunch of new faces who added spice to the plot. However, one of the red hot questions that confused the viewers is Who pushed Ari into the lake?

Elite Season 4 Ending Explained

Season 4 is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling pieces of the series. It unwrapped some of the crucial mysterious that the audience was craving for. Season 4 introduced a new character, Ari (Diaz). Ari is the daughter of Martin, the new principal of a prestigious school, where she studies. The viewers got a glimpse of Ari’s lavish lifestyle as we penetrated into the season. However, as the fans moved to the climax, they were stunned. As the new gorgeous characters of the show, Ari was found floating in a lake, injured. After a lot of confusion, the cops managed to save her and the terrifying truth behind their situation was revealed.

"Elite" Season 4 Ending Explained - When Is Season 5 Coming?

The climax of Season 4 unwrapped the mystery. In the initial episodes of the season, we saw how Ari was double dating Samuel and Guzman. While the group was enjoying a New Year party all the drama took place. Ari’s beloved sister, Mencia stepped into the trap of a devious client, who blackmailed her for sex.

"Elite" Season 4 Ending Explained - When Is Season 5 Coming?

Ari noticed the argument between Menica and Armando, her client on the lake pier. She ran to her sister in rage and confronted Armando, while she tried to expose him. Armando countered and attacked her, causing her injury. While Guzman stepped into the scene, Armando prefers to escape. He ran away. However, Ari insisted Guzman to catch him and we saw the epic chase between the two. Meanwhile, Ari in her unconscious state slipped into the lake. We witnessed deadly combat between Armando and Guzman, and ultimately the latter killed the culprit. Samuel joined the party and helped Guzman to hide Armando’s dead body.

Elite Season 5 Release Date

"Elite" Season 4 Ending Explained - When Is Season 5 Coming?

Back in February 2021, Netflix revealed the renewal of its teen drama series, “Elite” for its fifth season. However, the streaming king has not yet revealed the premiere date for “Elite” Season 5.

But, if we see the duration between the last two seasons, Netflix dropped season 4 almost after a year of Season 3. Therefore it will be safe to say, that Season 5 will arrive in the second half of 2022.

Make sure to stay tuned as we will update you on the “Elite” Season 5 release date soon.

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