“Sophie: A Murder in West Cork” Review – Will There Be Season 2?

Netflix is actively adding new doc-series to its catalog of hit shows. However, the current fan-favorite is “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork”.

“Sophie: A Murder in West Cork” is one of the trending doc series on Netflix. It’s a thrilling crime investigation series that follows the brutal murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier in Ireland. The series is directed by John Dower. Coming under the production of Selina Ferguson, Simon Chinn, and Jonathan Chinn, “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork” continues the run of true crime docuseries of Netflix.

"Sophie: A Murder in West Cork" Review - Will There Be Season 2?

Set in West Cork, a pleasant, uncrowded, seaside corner of Ireland, “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork” follows that murder of Sophie. West Cork has negligible crime rates. However, if someone is murdered in the acres of farmland in the place, the body will remain unidentified for decades. That’s the case in “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork”. A popular French documentary moviemaker was brutally murdered and left in West Cork, Ireland. She was murdered on a blustery night in one of the remotest areas of the world. However, after also three decades, she has founded outside her farmhouse.

The story goes on to reveal the case of Sophia’s murder as tons of door-to-door interviews narrow down the suspect’s list. It follows the insane interviews of the Schull residents, who stayed in the place for a long. As the story proceeds, we are introduced to the local inhabitant Ian Bailey, who caught the eyeballs of the cops. After tiring interview sessions, the cops tried to build a case around Bailey, while he denied his involvement.

"Sophie: A Murder in West Cork" Review - Will There Be Season 2?

However, “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork” seemed to be a bit boring at certain points, where the story flowed in one direction centralizing only one version of the horrifying events. Here, the audience experienced the inefficiency of the makers to make it slightly more interesting and engaging for the viewers. But, on the other hand, “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork” successfully delivered a blend of mystery, thrill, and grief to the viewers. The plot introduced some incredible points where “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork” found its place as a sensitive and extraordinary attempt to depict the outlines of grief and horror.

Will There Be “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork” Season 2?

Netflix has recently dropped the “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork”, one of the best doc series on the platform. The fans have showered their support and termed it as a binge-worthy series. With an IMDb rating of 7.3, the show got a huge response from the masses.

"Sophie: A Murder in West Cork" Review - Will There Be Season 2?

So now the hot question coming out is will there be a Season 2 for “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork”? Unfortunately till now, Netflix has not revealed the details on Season 2. However, we know the streaming king loves to deliver breath-taking documentary series. So, we can expect a speedy renewal soon.

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