Due to a rare medical condition, teen girl may be subject to ‘internal death’

A TEENAGER faces “internal decapitation”A rare brain condition can cause death.

After being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17, Allesha Barnfield has only months left to raise thousands of pounds in order to pay for treatment. “walking death sentence”.

Allesha Barnfield could suffer internal decapitation at any moment which could kill her


Allesha Barnfield could be killed by an internal decapitation.Credit: Mirrorpix
The teenager's condition is caused by having a small skull which crushes her brain


A small skull that crushes the brain of this teenager is what causes her condition.Credit: Mirrorpix
The surgery she needs cost thousands of pounds as it's not available on the NHS


She will need surgery that costs thousands of pounds, as it is not offered by the NHSCredit: Gofundme

After first showing symptoms in 2019, she was diagnosed with Chiari malformation.

It could eventually cause paralysis. “internal decapitation”These spinal ligaments can rupture, and in this case 70% of the population die instantly.

The condition causes the spine ligaments to become tighter and pull brain tissue from its victims into the spinal cord.

Due to severe symptoms, the Doncaster teenager had to leave school and quit her job. These include headaches, back pain and fatigue, memory loss, breathing difficulties, light sensitivity, loss of movement, and dizziness.

Allesha now has just months to save enough money to pay for vital surgery.

She is fighting for her right to have the surgery she requires, which isn’t on the NHS.

She has until May to locate the funds before the price she was quoted expires. The price could rise again.

Miss Barnfield said: “Before this, it was my absolute dream to study law in university, but now, it’s to just be alive.”

She stated that she is currently putting in “everything into fighting for this surgery”Because “without it I can’t continue to live, it is no way of living”.

She explained: “My skull is really misshapen and abnormally small, which makes it really difficult for my brain, and it pushes pressure downwards onto my skull, which causes a lot of symptoms.”

Miss Barnfield claims that it felt like a “walking death sentence”She was shocked to learn that she could be treated by specialists abroad.

Now, she is desperate to raise the £19,000 upfront cost of surgery, as well as money to pay for accommodation while she recovers in Barcelona, where the institute is based.

The NHS can offer her some relief from the condition but it is not a permanent solution. She would most likely experience the same symptoms again.

You can write on her GoFundMe pageThe teenager replied that she “cannot fight as hard”Because she is financially unable to undergo the surgery.

She also added: “I’ve created this in hopes that just maybe I could be lucky enough to have enough money to pay for this surgery.”

Miss Barnfield is optimistic that she can find the funds before May, when the price she was quoted expires. If the price goes up after that date, it could be even more expensive.

The teen said that it would be a “meaningful” statement. “the absolute world”To not have the surgery “waking up every day knowing I’m worse and worse, but to wake up knowing that I’m free”.

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