Drunk Benidorm holidaymaker is sent flying by the weight of two towels in hilarious vid…now he’s recognised at the shops

This is the funny moment when a holidaymaker in Benidorm was thrown by two towels. Now he can be recognized at the stores.

Scott Pemberton (36), from Wigan was returning to his Wigan apartment and he raised a bag filled with two beach towels.

Scott Pemberton unthinkingly swung a towel bag over his head


Scott Pemberton, without thinking about it, swung an un-thoughtful towel bag above his headCredit: Kennedy News
But the weight of two wet towels bowled him over


Two wet towels were enough to knock him out.Credit: Kennedy News

Scott’s brother Kieron (38), was left in tears when the bag caused him to fall.

Scott fell to his knees and began drinking once again. However, he was sore in the neck when he woke up on Sunday morning.

The man said, “It happened so fast that I was wondering what had happened.”

The bag, my hands, and perhaps my head were supported by the tile.

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The next morning, I was in pain on my upper back and my top of my head.

I feel fortunate not to be in the hospital. The bag could have contained cans or bottles instead of towels.

If the bag had been thrown differently. It’s good that it was captured on camera, because the bag probably saved our holiday.

It was a topic of conversation and made many people laugh.

It’s funny that people recognize me in the Wigan shops.

I’m a Jack the lad in any case. “I won’t do that again, and I won’t go to Benidorm.”

This hilarious clip was shown on the screens of some bars in Benidorm where the brothers went.

Kieron joked Scott only fell over due to his eight stone weight.

He replied: “That is how thin he really is. He said: “That’s how skinny he is.”

The bag was heavy and he is only a light person. The bag must have been at least one stone, with beach towels soaked in water.

When he lifted it, it grabbed his foot.

It’s amazing that I was able to get the call at just the right moment. The bag saved his life. It could have caused serious damage.

I was torn between laughing and checking that he’s okay, but eventually the laughter won out.

Scott is now recognised in shops


Scott’s is now a household name in many shopsCredit: Kennedy News
Scott (right) was thankfully unhurt


Scott was unharmed (right).Credit: Kennedy News
The towels softened Scott's fall


Scott’s fall was softened by the towelsCredit: Kennedy News

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