Dr Fauci Failed Lie Detector Testing About COVID 19 Origins!

Was Dr. Anthony FauciWhat lies were they telling about the origins of COVID-19? According to one tabloid, the doctor was lying in an interview about the virus. Here’s what we actually know.

‘Voice Spikes’ Do you believe Dr. Fauci is lying about COVID origins?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Dr. Fauci hasn’t been honest when informing the American people about where COVID came from. The tabloid claimed to have been able to obtain the exclusive findings of a lie-detecting voice analysis machine. Fauci stated, in May 2020, that all evidence suggests that COVID-19 wasn’t created in a lab but was a product of natural evolution.

However, one voice analysis specialists say that “He was flat-out lying! He is hiding the truth when he states [that the virus wasn’t] artificially or deliberately manipulated. He knows even at that early point in the pandemic that this was a real possibility.” The analyzer goes on to claim that Fauci was lying on multiple occasions when it came to China’s affiliation with the virus.

But Fauci hasn’t been fibbing about everything. Evidently, Fauci was truthful when he stated that. “We can get herd immunity really easily if we get everyone vaccinated.” But when Fauci was asked if he was truthful about the virus’ origins and he responded “I have never lied before the Congress,” the same analysis suggested that wasn’t true. “You can clearly see as much in the amount of stress when he says that. It just absolutely stands out that he lied,” The analyzer says so.

Dr Fauci Failed Lie Detector Testing About COVID 19 Origins!

Are Lie Detectors Accurate?

Although it can be used in legal cases, lie detection is considered pseudoscience. Because they are not accurate, traditional polygraph tests can’t be used in court. Because lie detectors search for stress. Many things can cause stress and it doesn’t always indicate dishonesty. However, this voice analysis software can be even less reliable.

Polygraphs monitor the heart rate. This is a great way to detect stress. Voice analysis is handled by law enforcement can’t even rely on these devices to identify who’s speaking, let alone if the speaker is under some kind of stress. These findings are presented in a magazine as scientific but they are pure fantasy. Even if the machine were reliable for detecting stress — which it isn’t — that is not proof that someone is lying.

This report shows how trustless this tabloid is. This tabloid’s use of sham science in misinforming its readers about COVID is a clear disregard for public safety. If readers are looking for the latest updates on the pandemic, we don’t advise picking up the National Enquirer.

The Tabloid on Another Politician

It’s hard to trust the Get in touch Reporting accurately on any politician in the political world is difficult. The magazine’s treatment of Barack and Michelle Obama shows how brutal the outlet is to these public figures. In a tabloid report, Michelle Obama fled the spotlight and was divorcing Barack. The tabloid reported that Michelle regretted marrying Barack. Later, the magazine reported that Barack was behaving like an an. “overage frat boy” at his recent birthday celebration. Evidently, the Get in touch can’t be trusted when it comes to political figures.

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