Notorious BIG Daughter at Baby Shower And Reveals Gender of Her Child!

The only child of the late B.I.G, Notorious B.I.G, is now a woman who is ready to take on motherhood. You can see her displaying her baby bump in a black dress while attending her gender reveal and baby shower.

The legacy and accomplishments of Notorious B.I.G are unbeatable. His impressive talents in the music business earned him respect.

Although his music touched on real-life issues, and incidents in the hood he was involved in, he still had a deep love for his family which remained protected at all costs.

Notorious B.I.G. At the 1995 Billboard Music Awards, New York, on December 6, 1996.

Jan Jackson, Notorious B.I.G’s only child, was his first daughter before his 1997 death. He was close to his child T’yanna even though he and Jan Jackson broke up.

Although he was young and just starting out in parenthood, he was an exceptional parent. He even made arrangements for his children’s care after his passing.

T’yanna has not seen her father in many years; she was just a toddler when he died at the age of 24. However, she cherishes his memory and continues to honor his name and continue the family’s legacy.

Even though she decided to venture into the fashion world, where she owns a clothing boutique, she is making a huge success from her career and plans on opening more businesses in L.A. Apart from being a successful businesswoman, she is on a Search To become a mother


Parenthood is an exciting milestone. T’yanna seems to feel exactly that way at the moment. She recently hosted a party and baby shower with close friends.

One of the photos shared on T’yanna’s story focused on her posing with her brother, Christopher Wallace, the rapper’s second child who lives a Private Your life. Faith Evans is his mother.

The boutique owner is announcing her first pregnancy. She donned The fitted black gown featured cutouts that showed off her large baby bump. The soon-to-be mother wore low heels, lace-up sandals, and chic makeup.

Fans were also able to see the pink decorations at the event and learned that Thailand is actually a girl. Thailand already has a special spot in the family; she will be the first grandchild of the deceased rapper.


Although it has been over a decade since Notorious B.I.G’s death, many music fans and former colleagues still try to remember him and share their fond memories.

It is also true for his family members, who treasure precious memories of their father and son. T’yanna was a small girl when her dad passed away, but she confirms that he was a good man throughout his life.

The 27-year-old Additional She holds many happy memories about her dad, especially the stories from his mother, close friends who are highly regarded by him, and she recalls him as a fun, lively, and happy man.

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