Doula. This is what I do when caring for patients

Doula. This is what I do when caring for patients

  • Tia Dowling Ketant is a Brooklyn-based mom and doula.
  • Doulas offer emotional, educational and physical support during and after births.
  • Lauren Finney Harden explains what you need to know to be a doula.

I am a doula. The Greek word for “doula” is the origin of the term. “to serve,”And that’s exactly what I do.

I can provide support for parents through transitional or sacred times in their lives, including during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

I am not a midwife or a nurse. A midwife can provide medical care. I offer informational support, but will not prescribe medication. Your physical health is the responsibility of your midwife.

Doulas are often referred to as birth coaches by many people. My role is that of a tour guide for birth. When you’re on vacation, you need someone who is familiar with all the wonderful places to eat as well as the beautiful spots to view. This is what I was born to do. I’m here to help you navigate the world and discover what you don’t understand. 

I provide prenatal, birth and postpartum sessions

I support families throughout the whole process, from pregnancy through birth to postpartum.

An example session with a prenatal client includes discussing the stages of labor, comfort measures and how to manage it. We also discuss evidence-based methods that are performed at their birth place. We discuss any emotional issues that may be occurring during pregnancy. We’ll discuss their birth preferences and what they would like a doula advocate for.

Prenatal sessions last approximately two hours. My goal is for me to get to know you and be able to speak up for you when I can’t. 

If you’d like, I could offer lactation support in a postpartum session. I can interfere with your sleep. I can help you hold your baby and take a nap. You’ll also learn a lot about postpartum living, including how to give your baby their first bath and how you can change their diapers. Postpartum doulas are also available to do light cleaning, baby laundry, and bottle prepping. 

Doulas do not have to be costly

Many people have the misperception that doulas can only be afforded by the very wealthy. Some doulas can be very expensive due to their experience and other services. However, it is not always the case. According to the New York City doula ReportBased on experience and the services rendered, the 2019 range for doula services was $150 to $2800. 

Search in your local area to find a doula. I am a doula who works full-time in my own private practice. MeToo DoulaBrooklyn. I am a doula who works with low-income families. I also teach childbirth training.  

I had to adapt my business in the wake of the pandemic. Many of our visits were done virtually during COVID-19. Unless the visit is closest to birth, I do most of my visits online. Births were also complicated by the pandemic. I had to train birthing people virtualy. Although it was not ideal, I was there for them. I am now able to attend births in person, as things have improved.

Every doula experience can be unique

Some people have clear expectations about birth. I can help you. Every birth is unique. It was a difficult birth in the early 2021, but it was easy yesterday morning.

My experiences are varied. It’s thrilling to be able to interact with new people and work in diverse environments. It’s amazing how each day and every client are different.

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