Dog Rescued From Gorilla Enclosure at San Diego Zoo in Harrowing Moment Caught on Camera

Zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park jumped into action when a dog entered a gorilla enclosure. The scary moment was caught on camera by guests visiting the park.  

The male shepherd ran around in distress as one of the two gorillas in the outdoor enclosure began to chase it around the exhibit.  

The gorilla tried his best to grab the dog as the crowd attempted to distract the gorilla by yelling his name, Franklyn.  

Ultimately zookeepers were able to distract the gorillas and moved them inside. A humane society officer was then able to safely enter the enclosure to rescue the dog.  

An officer was seen leashing the dog and removing him from the area for evaluation. 

The dog wasn’t wearing a collar and did not have a chip. Authorities believe the dog was a stray that wandered into the park on his own.  

He was given a fitting name, Mighty Joe Young, after the classic 1949 film about a giant, playful gorilla.  


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