Does Six die in The Gray Man?

Netflix has provided subscribers with an endless stream of new movies for years. With The Gray Man, it’s clear that they’re becoming even more ambitious.

How about bringing in the Russo brothers from MCU fame (Avengers, Infinity War and Endgame) to direct a $200 million blockbuster. That’s how you demand some serious attention.

Serving as an adaptation of Mark Greaney’s 2009 novel of the same name, The Gray Man stars Ryan Gosling as “Sierra Six”An assassin working for the CIA, orchestrating a series of difficult hits. His own organization turns against him after he finds a device that contains agency secrets.

Tasked with hunting him down is Chris Evans’ Lloyd Hansen and the two are locked into a globe-trotting game of cat and mouse.

It’s a tense one but does Six die in The Gray Man?


Does Six die in The Gray Man?

Sierra Six is not dead in The Gray Man.

The ending shows Six and Lloyd fighting in a fight scene set in fountains. Six is expected to win.

However, before he can finish things, Suzanne Brewer – the deputy of Denny Carmichael – arrives on the scene and kills Lloyd, revealing that she plans to pin all of the criminal activity on him to clear her agency of any wrongdoing.

She also shoots Six in the leg so he cannot escape and he’s sent back to prison. To keep him from revealing the truth about the CIA, Suzanne takes Claire into custody; as long as he keeps his mouth shut, she’ll be trapped but safe. However, the Six we’ve gotten to know over the course of the film won’t take this on the chin.

The last scene shows that Six has escaped from prison and he rescues Claire before they go on to freedom. However, it is possible that they will be pursued in a future sequel.

‘He’d rather be at home watching Netflix’

Enjoy a conversation with your host. Collider, Ryan Gosling recently opened up about his and the Russo brothers’ love for action cinema while explaining what else attracted him to the role:

“If you think you love action movies, they love them more. They’ve spent the last decade making them and just doing an amazing job. But also I thought this character was really interesting. He’s sort of like a spy who doesn’t want to be a spy. He’d rather be at home watching Netflix, like the rest of us. He doesn’t want to be in this movie.”

Ryan added: “He doesn’t want to have anything to do with this world. He just wants a normal life. And it’s like, his life is anything but, so it kind of… There’s like a blue-collar Bond quality to it that I thought was really like… just seemed like a lot of fun.”

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Is The Gray Man 2 now confirmed?

No, Netflix or the Russo brothers confirmed that there would be a sequel.

However, there are lots of sequels in Mark Greaney’s novel series that could be adapted and the Russo’s did tell Insider That “they would love to make another one as filmmakers”It all depends on the response of the audience to the movie, and the commercial success of the streamer.

The Gray Man can only be viewed on Netflix

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