Did Angelina Jolie lost weight after her stay at hospital?

Has Angelina Jolie actress lost a worrying amount of weight? She was forced to visit a hospital. According to one tabloid, the actress’ friends and family are concerned about her “nonexistent eating habits” After she lost 101 pounds, it was alarming. Gossip Cop, is deepening our understanding of the story.

Angelina Jolie Checks In For A Mystery Hospital Stay?

Per the National Enquirer, Angelina Jolie is striking up fear in her friends and family after being spotted checking out of a hospital for unknown reasons. An insider familiar with the situation claims that Jolie is. “being coy about the exact reason for her visit.”But, the source remains the length of her stay “set off serious alarm bells” because she’s “so obviously underweight.”

Did Angelina Jolie lost weight after her stay at hospital?

The insider points out that Jolie is losing weight for a number of reasons. It was difficult to balance her acting career and family life. Her stress comes from her courtroom battles and ex Brad Pitt. All the pressure piling on Jolie has led to a concerning amount weight loss, so much so that the magazine reports Jolie has to wear her kids’ clothes because adult sizes don’t fit anymore.

Is Angelina Jolie’s Health In Danger?

We’re not buying a single word of this story from the National Enquirer primarily based on the tabloid’s unreliable history regarding Jolie’s health. The outlet actually generates “concerning weight loss”Jolie has been featured in many stories for years. All the way back in 2017, it claimed Jolie had dropped to 78 pounds after her divorce from Brad Pitt. The tabloid used a photo to show that their story was fake. Evidently, the tabloid has not changed in its body-shaming ways.

Also, the tabloid’s narrative doesn’t really add up. At first, it expresses concern for Jolie’s health. A few sentences later, it criticizes Jolie for not getting what she claimed to have. “more surgery to remove clumps of ugly, protruding veins.” We’ll take Jolie’s own statements over an insensitive tabloid and its unnamed “insider.”

Did Angelina Jolie lost weight after her stay at hospital?

Tabloid Coverage On Angelina Jolie’s Weight

We’ve looked into several stories claiming Jolie has dropped to a dangerously low weight. 2020 will see the National Enquirer stated the actress was starving herself to force Pitt to “cave to her child custody demands.” The outlet itself noted the doctors it quoted never even treated Jolie, so how would they know what’s going on? They clearly didn’t as the actress has remained healthy as the custody battle stretches on.

The same magazine alleged Jolie went to rehab for an eating disorder in 2019. Jolie was unable to eat due to crippling anxiety, and she sought help. This was also false. Gossip CopAfter speaking with a friend, the actor was able to confirm this. Angelina Jolie appears happy and healthy despite repeated claims to the contrary. The tabloids are so obsessed with Jolie’s weight, but the narrative is tired and repetitive at this point.

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