Debris Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Renewed or Cancelled

The new sci-fi thriller explores mysterious phenomena and leaves fans with a scent of suspense till the final episodes of the series. The first season of ‘Debris’ is planned to feature ten episodes, which premiered on March 1 and are currently weekly.

Fallen debris from an alien spaceship finds its way to Earth, having induced some mystifying side effects on humankind. Two operatives of entirely different backgrounds and styles of work are put together to investigate and bring about a conclusion on the bizarre happening before more lives are claimed.


Debris season 2 Release date

As the series is currently ongoing, NBC hasn’t released any official statements that hint at any further additions. However, with the series finale yet to be available on-screen, it is possible to expect NBC to pop the cherry at any moment after taking the reviews and reactions to the finale into consideration.

Debris Season 2 Cast

It is pretty unclear to decide on the outcome of the cast lineup for the crime thriller as things stand now. In case some good news arrives, Rianne Steele plays an eccentric MI6 agent, and Jonathan Tucker playing the sharp-witted CIA agent would bless the series with a more on-screen time of the dynamic duo.

Debris season 2: Future and Renewal

NBC has always been skeptical about its genres in play, predominantly known for its comedy and crime genre shows. There’s also the viewership number which would play a part in deciding the fate of any show, and ‘Debris’ would find no special exemption in that.

So considering these factors, things seem to be pretty inconclusive as to the fate of the show. All fans could do is hope the finale gets a good reception enough to consider a probable renewal.

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