Daughter Reveals Pregnancy to Parents, but Her Mom’s Reaction Has Viewers in Flames

The internet is divided over a mom’s reaction to her daughter’s pregnancy reveal. TikTok has made the video viral.

The typical reaction to a pregnancy reveal is emotional. But a mom from Thailand thought differently after she found out her daughter was pregnant.

@jackkiechann89 shared a now-viral clip of her parents’ reactions to her pregnancy news. It was posted after the expectant woman sent a scratchcard that revealed the massage.

 The video focused on the dad scratching the card while the mom sat beside him with a straight face. The father was over the moon as he read the words:

“You’re going to be a nanny and grandad again.”

However, the mom’s face remained the same throughout the clip, even when the father gave a thumbs-up reaction at the camera and commended his daughter for getting pregnant again.

A TikTok user's parents react to her pregnancy reveal. | Source: tiktok.com/jackkiechann89

Her pregnancy reveal was revealed by a TikTok user. | Source: tiktok.com/jackkiechann89

In addition, when the proud father asked if his wife was happy, she bluntly and awkwardly replied, “no,” still without batting an eye at the camera.

As you can see, the Alzheimer’s dad was moved by his daughter’s happiness and cried.

In the comments section, Jackkie explained that she understood her mom’s reaction because of her parents’ present circumstances during the pandemic.

Currently, they are both stuck in Thailand amidst the lockdown and cannot see their grandchildren. Her mom is particularly upset as she longs to see her grandson.

Many TikTok users weren’t happy with her mom’s explanation. One person shared their sentiments in the comments section:

“This is awful:( I’d be devastated if my mum reacted in that way. Bless your dad though sweetheart .”

Screenshot of comments on a viral TikTok post. | Source: tiktok.com/jackkiechann89

Screenshot of comments on a viral TikTok post. | Source: tiktok.com/jackkiechann89

Another user pointed out how the dad quickly switched the camera off after the mom’s awkward reaction. All of the comments were varied, but everyone congratulated Jackkie on her new blessing.

Similar stories were shared online by an Alzheimer’s senior father who reacted to Jackkie’s news of her daughter’s pregnancy. He was not Jackkie’s mother when it came down to emotions.

Olivia Salza shared this video of her father in hospital after she told him the good news following a three-year battle with infertility. The clip shows her father looking shocked and filled with tears, expressing his love for his daughter.

People were touched by the TikTok clip and left touching messages in the comments section. One user wished he was a parent.

The post was shared by Salza and has been viewed over 2 million times, 600,000 liked, and hundreds of comments. The expectant mom shared follow-up videos to update her followers on the condition of her father.

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