Cordell Will See A Major Change With Walker’s Midseason Premiere Sneaker

Cordell Will See A Major Change With Walker's Midseason Premiere Sneaker

Warning! Warning! WalkerEpisode “Where Do We Go From Here.”Read at your own risk

Just as it looked WalkerFinally, we are making some progress in Serrano’s case, things are in jeopardy, and one of the team’s biggest contributors is down for the count. Captain JamesI was trying to arrange witness protection. TreyWhen someone shot him in his chest. It seems like things are getting very serious. Cordell’s former partner, and it looks like Jared Padalecki“S characterIn the next episode, we will witness a significant change. 

A description from The CW for next week’s Walker confirms that things are as dire for James as they seem, as he’ll be out of commission in the upcoming “Two Points For Honesty.”Cordell will be temporarily promoted to fill the void left by this loss of leadership. 

Captain James (Coby) is critically injured and shot while setting up protective details for Trey (Jeff Pierre). Walker (JaredPadalecki), assumes the role of interim captain and looks for help from an unlikely source.

WalkerSurprise! Larry James is put in peril in the midseason premiere. The show has just begun. We bid Lindsey Morgan farewell. It seems a little too early. Write off another character, though James’ chest wound isn’t an immediate indication he’ll be gone by the end of the season. 

At the same time, it’s hard to imagine Captain James will just jump back into his usual duties at the station given this new injury. Here’s the synopsis. “Two Points For Honesty” says he’ll be in critical condition, and while I’m no doctor, I can’t say I believe characters just stroll out of the hospital after that. Cordell might Run the show for a while during Larry’s recovery, though who knows for how long. 

Cordell’s promotion does set up an interesting storyline for WalkerHe is forced to take the job at the worst possible moment. The Serrano case is spiraling out of control, largely thanks to his brother Liam’s false police report. Then there’s the shooting, which I’m guessing is courtesy of Serrano’s men on the outside. 

Finally, we now know that Walker remains. coping with Micki’s departureDavidsons and Walker families, as well as trying bridge the gap. He’s got a lot on his plate both professionally and personally. Cordell may be offered a permanent promotion that could lead to greater things. Play it right

WalkerIs back The CWThe program airs on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET. This is the perfect time to get into the series, especially if you are looking for high drama and action with the entertaining Jared Padalecki.

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