Contact with aliens ‘may be imminent’ and we must plan for ‘diplomacy’ with interstellar civilization, expert claims

One space expert has advised the government that it should better prepare itself for possible alien contact.

John Gertz is the former chair of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute. He has written a new article on the subject of interstellar diplomaty.

One space expert has expressed concern about the need to be diplomatic with alien life


A space expert expressed his concern over the diplomatic approach to alien life.Alamy

Gertz wrote, “In some way, alien contact may be imminent.”

The aftermath of the first detection has not been planned by any nation, he said.

Experts like Getz, who are concerned about the plans we have for interplanetary interaction as SETI and similar programs continue to develop technology to search for extraterrestrial intelligent life in space, grow more anxious.

Scientists and researchers have debated about whether searching for ETI is smart or even safe.

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According to some researchers, contacting alien life can propel mankind forward.

Some people believe that alien contact could end life as we know it on Earth.

Gertz says that while it is impossible to answer the question right now, we should be diplomatic in our approach and prepared to respond.

Gertz explained that “there are no easy choices.” “This is why we should all be in this together, make these tough choices through representative bodies, and codify those decisions within an international treaty.”

He suggested that treaty members should include experts from many different fields including law, science, economics and security.

“The envisaged treaty should include provisions for inspections, verification and monitoring.” All signatories should have access to SETI and space programs for an intrusive examination. Gertz wrote that Chinese scientists have the right of receiving American data streams, and vice versa.

The first draft does not need to be “rocket-science”; it should, however, at least include some thoughts.

Gertz, for example, drafted his proposal entitled Treaty on Principles Governing States’ Activities in Humankind’s Relationships with Robotic and Biological Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

It outlines the purpose of its treaty and suggests strongly that mankind moves forward in peace and with openness.

Gertz published a new article on August 28, 2009. Arxiv.

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