CNN’s Jeff Zucker Relationship With Allison Gollust Was Reportedly an Open Secret to Many

Former CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker’s romance with top CNN executive Allison Gollust was no secret, according to published reports that detailed the ins and outs of their relationship.

Zucker lived in a swanky apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East side with his wife and four kids. Their home was an 11-room co-op on the third floor, accessible by a private elevator.

Gollust and her husband lived in the apartment directly above them, and according to reports, Zucker would wait until the coast was clear then visit Gollust one floor up.

Even the doormen allegedly knew about their relationship.

“It was an open secret, and I haven’t even worked there for like eight years,” joked former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien.

Zucker and his wife divorced in 2019 and Gollust and her husband divorced one year later. Zucker ended up selling his apartment in 2021 for $15 million.

Zucker resigned from his position at CNN Wednesday, saying he failed to disclose the relationship to CNN.

Gollust said their romance was new. “Recently, our relationship changed during COVID,” she said.

CNN’s prime time anchors did not mention the turmoil on air following Zucker’s resignation, but Fox News covered the backlash in depth.

“The whole world of media knew about this for years,” talk show host Sean Hannity said

Some at CNN are blaming former CNN host Chris Cuomo for allegedly revealing their relationship during his legal fight over his firing last December. “Chris blew the place up,” Jake Tapper reportedly said in a meeting with CNN Executives.

Cuomo denies the allegations.

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