Chris Hemsworth ate 4 weeks of cheat meals in one fell swoop. But what a strange snack choice!

Chris Hemsworth ate 4 weeks of cheat meals in one fell swoop. But what a strange snack choice!

Most moviegoers view MCU star Chris Hemsworth as a blonde Australian Adonis who’s in the gym 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even Norse gods have to take a break. It’s a great excuse for a break from a rigid lifestyle by going on a day trip with the family. And that’s what Hemsworth did while sightseeing in London. He packed all of his cheat meals in his downtime. However, he did choose one cheat meal. Thor 4 star’s fans.

The highlight of my life was probably going on a cheat-meet spree Thor: Love and Thunder star’s London outing with his wife. Hemsworth couldn’t resist sharing his weird snack with his Instagram followers. Check out the whimsical post of Chris Hemsworth to see the outrageous confection he ended his spree with.

Who would’ve thought cotton candy, bubblegum ice cream, and sprinkles could exist in the same snack? Hemsworth might have discovered a sweet treat that others could enjoy. As he ate the odd candy, he was full of joy and excitement. He was filled with joy and excitement as he ate a few of the odd confections. Extracting star wasn’t afraid to let himself go as he had “no regrets”You can’t stray too far from your strict lifestyle. Chris Hemsworth proved even Thor isn’t immune to the desire for sugar overload.

This moment was rare for Chris Hemsworth, as many of his fans know. As he switches between superhero and action films all year, he spends the majority of his time staying in shape. His training and his eating habits have been documented by viewers. Extract 2After a rigorous muscle training, he was ripped and toned. Thor 4. He seemed to be focusing on weightlifting to get his arms strong enough to lift heavy guns and the Mjolnir. That works for him, so he can have cheat meals, even if they aren’t the best combination.

Moviegoers may have seen Hemsworth take a break from his physically demanding projects. Hemsworth offered fans a glimpse into his downtime while on set. This culminated in a funny clip where he was interrupted by a bulldozer. On the flip side, most of his time is spent with his family as seen in him and his son reenacted Tom Hank’s FAO Schwarz piano scene from Big. Chris Hemsworth can now relax by having a cheat snack. Even if his wife isn’t a fan of his culinary skills.

Fans don’t have to worry about Hemsworth letting himself go as he is currently shooting Extract 2. That doesn’t mean viewers won’t get their Chris Hemsworth fix as he will headline Escape SpiderheadAnd Thor: Love and ThunderIn 2022. To keep up-to-date with what’s coming next, visit our 2022 movie schedule.

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