Charlie Watts’s Right Hook On Mick Jagger Goes All The Way To The Grave

According to a recent report carried, Jagger’s grudge seems to go all the way to his grave. Watts was called a liar by Jagger during an argument in 1978. “only my drummer.” Watts reportedly calmly bottled his rage until later that night when he walked across the hall of the hotel, knocked on Jagger’s door, then punched his lights out.

According to insiders, the two had never reconciled over the slight. A source says, “Charlie was a good guy, but he wasn’t gonna let Mick treat him like a punk… he never forgot it.”

Charlie Watts's Right Hook On Mick Jagger Goes All The Way To The Grave

Inventing a rivalry is how Watts’s death was profited from. This is a disgusting, thin story. It is obvious Watts, Jagger and others buried the hatchet. The punch was thrown during the Carter administration, so they’ve had decades upon decades to hash it out.

They did. Watts’ death brought out a flood of tributes from rock stars and dignitaries. Jagger uploaded a touching video of the drummer.

Watts was the heartbeat for the Rolling Stones and was loved by the entire band. This is a pathetic and deplorable story.

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