Celine Dion, Sketchy Reports Claims, Alludes to Have Planned Her Own Funeral Following a Health Crisis.

Celine DionDue to health concerns, she was forced from her Las Vegas residency to cancel. Many smelled blood in the water, for she’s now inundated with death-mongering rumors.

Is Dion really close to death? Every week, stories emerge about Dion’s death. It can be hard to keep track of all these stories. Here’s an assortment of Vegas and grim reaper rumors surrounding the legend.

Get Down to 95 Pounds

The following is the National Enquirer, Dion’s already preparing for her funeral. A doctor said she may have multiple sclerosis due to her Las Vegas residency being cancelled. An unnamed source claims that Dion is now 95 pounds after a bad diet. An insider explains, “Celine’s drastic weight loss has been a source of concern. She’s been working herself to the bone for months, rehearsing for her return to the stage, but her body couldn’t take it.”

Is Dion in such bad shape? Is she actually spending her days pondering where she’d like to be buried? Read our report to find out all the answers.

Too stressed to perform

Meanwhile, Star pegged Dion’s cancellation on her grief. She lost her husband and manager René Angelil a few years ago, and he was instrumental in setting up her previous residency. “It’s been really daunting for her to go out on her own and launch a new show without his guiding hand,” a source reveals. The stress of canceling her previous tour didn’t help matters either. According to one insider: “She wanted to get her career back in a big way, but the stress is overwhelming.”

Can Dion cope with the stress? Is this all just made up to exploit Angelil’s death? Click here for more information.

ABBA Answers the Call

Celine Dion had already cancelled her show. National EnquirerShe was to be replaced. It was later revealed that she was being replaced with ABBA, the iconic Swedish band. The “SOS”The singers announced their reunion. One source stated that they were heading for America. “Instead of hitting the road, the four stars are seriously considering a $100 million offer to replace Celine at The Colosseum that was built for [Dion] in Las Vegas.”

Dion did withdraw from the bill, but ABBA did reunite. Did ABBA actually get the call to fill in for Dion’s residency? All that knowledge is yours if you read our breakdown.

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