Cazzie David Is in a “Healthy” Relationship After “Toxic” Past Romance

Cazzie David has a special someone in her life again—but things are different this time. 

During a sit-down with Call Her Daddy‘s Alex Cooper, the 27-year-old actress and author confirmed she is in a relationship. “It’s been a while,” David confirmed. Unfortunately, for her fans, that was all she revealed about her current relationships. David was more open about her past dating history, especially the love bombing from an unnamed former partner. 

Reflecting on the love bombing she’s experienced—the act of showing someone excessive attention, giving extravagant gifts and making grand romantic gestures as a way to later manipulate you—David said, “It works really well…once you’re in a relationship with that person, you’re constantly trying to get back to this time when it was amazing.”

While she did not name the ex that treated her this way, David did confirm she thought she was going to be with this person for the rest of her life. This is her advice for listeners: “If someone hurts your feelings and they genuinely don’t care how it’s affected you, that is like the biggest sign ever.”

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