California Rest Stop: Estimated $150M in Jewelry Stolen from an Armored Truck

A vehicle equipped with armor was stolen from a California rest stop, stealing valuable jewels and jewelry worth $150 million.

The thieves pulled off the heist at a remote truck stop called Flying J, approximately 75 miles north Los Angeles. 

According to authorities, the truck was left unattended by the Brink’s guards. The guards returned to the truck and discovered that the vehicle was broken into and that all the gems had disappeared.

Arnold Duke, president, International Gem and Jewelry Show, said that treasures included rubies and emeralds as well as sapphires and diamonds. “thousands of diamonds”Stones ranging in carat from 1-15 Carats. It is being taken by Brink’s to Pasadena for a show.

“It’s just staggering, the amount of merchandise these thieves got away with,”Duke said. 

The haul was apparently insured for just $10 million, but Duke says the real value is much higher — somewhere in the range of $100 million to $150 million. 

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, the vehicle was stolen. “Brink’s tractor trailer” — much larger than the typical armored trucks most people are used to seeing.

“This wasn’t any kind of a smash and grab. This took time. I would guess about 30 minutes with a half a dozen guys. There was approximately 20 large footlockers. It takes two strong people to pick one up,”Duke said.

Lou Palumbo, a security expert believes it to be an inside job.

“It’s very possible that this was the byproduct of leaked information from within the Brink’s organization,” Palumbo said.

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