Britney Spears Celebrates Freedom with Some Provocative Insta Posts. But, They Come With A Warning

Britney SpearsHer new freedom has been a huge hit with her. While she’s always been a prolific poster on Instagram, she’s taken quite the turn over the last few weeks with some provocative posts wearing little more than a thong. There is a message in there about what her critics can do and what they can kiss, that’s for sure. 

Those shots also come as one tabloid quoted a security expert about videos Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, may or may not have. Rumours abound that Jamie might have video of his daughter with Sam Asghari after Sam Asghari was allegedly filmed by a member her security team. 

Pants-Less, Fancy-Free

Britney Spears posted a proudly taken photo with her camera on Instagram just days before Britney Spears’ conservatorship ended. “real” camera. Using the camera’s timer, Spears set it up facing her bed, decorated with a Minnie Mouse doll. She turned her naked body towards the camera, and snapped the picture in a yellow thong. Click here for the sexy shot.

Critics Can Kiss Spears’…

Britney Spears was back in the thong a week later. The bodysuit was this time a little more spicy. With a couple of photos again highlighting Spears’ derriere. However, it was also a bold message to her critics. She will listen to anyone who has something to say. “Kiss my fucking ass.” 

Spears is obviously very thrilled to finally be free of her family’s controlling ways and she’s all too happy to show her fans what that freedom really means. See the photos to see her in action. 

A Warning

The latest news about the strange National Enquirer “reported” on a member of her security team revealing that Jamie Spears had bugged Britney’s bedroom with microphones and cameras. According to an insider, some of these videos had already made it to the tabloid. “dark web”And “hackers”They are releasing them to the public. Insiders claim that the videos are being released “on the dark web for the highest price possible.”You can read more about the strange story here. 

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