Bridget Moynahan reveals whether family dinner is food that really exists

Bridget Moynahan reveals whether family dinner is food that really exists

There is only one constant in the Blue Bloods family’s strategy.

Blue Bloods Fans are a devoted group who love the show and its characters as well as the actors. Bridget Moynahan pointed this out once in An interview with PeopleThere is a reason why the bond between characters onscreen are so strong.

Fans enjoy the dinner scenes at each episode. Moynahan revealed to People The scenes are popular with the fans, and they take an extremely long time to film. This is due to the fact that it’s all food from a real table.

Moynahan explains that the older generations will remember when the used to perform this activity, while the younger ones are looking forward to it. The People Now. “It’s hitting everybody, I would say.”

She also says that dinner scene shoots can be up to four-hours long, so the actors might need to eat food which is getting colder as they sit on the table.

The actress says, “I don’t think I ate anything for the first two seasons. I then moved on to mashed potatoes.” “So, for several years I would eat too many mashed taters for about four hours. The cucumbers are my new favorite.

The mashed potatoes decision was a bad choice for her in those days, but she seems to have made good decisions going forward.

Tom Selleck confirmed Moynahan’s information behind the scenes. You can tell by the way they pronounce it Country Living Back in December It is clear that this show treats the dinner very seriously, and even pretends to eat at times.

Selleck stated, “We are big fans of family dinner.” It takes 6 to 8 hours. You have to eat the same food for that time.

Will Estes, Will’s co-star at the time agreed that actors needed to pace themselves in order to stay together for the lengthy shoots.

Country Living Adds that actors are not allowed to pick what they will eat on the show each week. Moynahan may have made her cucumber choice as a result of what she was served. BeeHive Oven Biscuit Cafe of Brooklyn, New York was the caterer for this show. It prepared chicken pot pie with mashed potato and macaroni & cheese.

The usual dish is a pot roast or meatloaf with potatoes. Green vegetables. Always dinner rolls,” Blue Bloods Jim Lillis is a property manager who noted this in an interview. The Virginian-Pilot At the time.

It’s not an overstatement to say that you “embraced” your family meal. The family dinner takes longer than many people would like to.

As the show enters a new fall season, keep an eye on the table. This season has a couple of episodes remaining, which means there are a few meals left to be envied.

Blue Bloods CBS airs the show on Fridays, at 10:00 pm ET. CBS.

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