Brandi Glanville’s Psoriasis Diagnosis Explained

Brandi Glanville's Psoriasis Diagnosis Explained

Harvard Health Publishing notes that psoriasis is a type of immune disorder where the skin produces new cells too quickly, which causes a scaly reaction. While there are no obvious causes, doctors believe it is possible that some people have inherited the condition. Genetics do not cause this condition. Mental stress is the most common trigger. This causes the body to produce a chemical reaction that increases the inflammatory response. There are other causes, such as certain medications, skin injury, and respiratory infections.

Psoriasis is a difficult condition to treat. For some, topical treatments work well, per the National Psoriasis Foundation. For moderate to severe cases of psoriasis, prescription drugs can be used. Glanville tried light therapy and it might work for other people. However, she stayed under the light for too long, causing second and third degree burns, according to People

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