Boris Johnson announces that Covid booster vaccines are “vital” to fight Omicron variant and save Christmas, PM says

The most vulnerable Brits will receive FOUR Covid jabs

A race to stop the spread Omicron variant of coronavirus will see the nation’s most vulnerable get four coronavirus jabs, an NHS chief revealed.

It comes as more cases of Omicron were today detected in the UK – now totalling 22.

Amanda Pritchard (Chief Executive, NHS England) today stated that millions more people can be eligible for boosters.

Speaking at a Downing Street press conference this afternoon she said that the NHS would be following new advise from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

She stated that the NHS Covid program is currently in its most complicated phase, and is operating at brakeneck speed due to this change in eligibility.

“The JCVI recommended that a fourth jab be administered to those who are undergoing chemotherapy, or who have other health issues.

“We will vaccinate the most vulnerable first and then open it up in other waves.”

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