Boris Johnson announces covid – UK will return to normal and Plan B work from home at least one month before the masks are removed

‘Mumbo jumbo’ anti-vaxxers

Ministers had done everything to ensure that those most susceptible to becoming ill were vaccinated. The PM reiterated his belief and urged everyone to go ahead and get immunized.

He also defended the injection of more money into NHS via the National Insurance increase planned for later in the year, after one of his Cabinet ministers encouraged him to abandon it due to cost-of-living fears.

Boris said today that he wants people to “understand the pressures that omicron is causing” “recognise the vital importance of a vaccination”.

The PM slammed anti-vaxxers with his most vehement attack yet. “putting this mumbo-jumbo on social media – they are completely wrong”.

He insisted that he did not intend to follow other countries and force people to get vaccines. “we’re going to keep a voluntary approach”.

Today, the PM visited Northampton and stated: “What tragedy that we have all this pressure on our NHS with the difficulties that our nurses and doctors are experiencing.

“You’ve got people out there talking nonsense about vaccinations, and they are completely wrong.

“And I believe it’s high time that they, the government, be called out.

“What they are doing is completely wrong and totally counterproductive. The social media posts they are making are complete mumbo jumbo.

“The NHS is under huge pressure.”

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