Bob Saget’s Most Funny Moments: “Full House”, Dirty Jokes, and More

Bob Saget, who died on Sunday at 65, had two distinct sides to his career, both of which deeply impacted Millennials: First as America’s dorky dad on “Full House”And “America’s Funniest Home Videos,”X-rated standup and then as a comedian who went on to comedy clubs and college campuses in an effort to change his family-friendly image. Variety has collected some of Saget’s funniest moments to watch and remember the comedy legend.

Performing at Dangerfield’s in 1984

Saget, before his TV success, was a young comedian and starving artist who entertained Rodney Dangerfield at the club.

Funny ‘Full House’Moments

Every episode of “Full House”The show is filled with Saget moments, such as Danny Tanner’s neat-freak character running around with Windex. It was also a touching clip. The show was truly a group, and Tanner was great at bounce off his co-stars.

Amazing ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ jokes

Saget’s squeaky-clean persona and wacky voices were the perfect foil for normal Americans who submitted home videos of groin shots and catastrophic falls.

Saget’s ‘Aristocrats’ joke

Many versions of this joke are often described as a metaphorical handshake among old-school comedians. Saget had one, and it was featured in the documentary. “The Aristocrats.”

Iconic ‘Half Baked’cameo

Saget delivered one of the most quotable scenes from ’90s comedies with this jaw-dropping cameo.

‘Dad’s Dirty Jokes’ bit from his stand-up

A sample of Saget’s stand-up, from his 2013 special “That’s What I’m Talking About.”

X-Rated ‘Full House’Memories ‘Conan’

Saget enjoyed ruining children’s lives with late-night interviews about the filthy jokes, pranks, and games the adults played on the set.

‘Hot Ones’Interview

One of Saget’s best interviews ever was on the chicken wing-based YouTube show, where his mouth was on fire and he got real about his career and craft.

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