Black Widow Bites Boy Because He Wanted To Be Spider-Man

“A boy” in Bolivia According to reports, a man was hospitalized for allowing a black widow to bite him in order to be Spider-Man.

Spanish news agency EFE reported that the incident took place in Vichuloma town, Oruro Department.

The boy found the black widow spider under a stone and after seeing the characteristic red markings on the arachnid, he let himself get bitten because he wanted to turn into Spider-Man, Ernesto Vásquez, head of the Zoonotic Diseases Program of the Departmental Health Service of Oruro said, according to Newsweek.

Without thinking of the dangers, the child grabbed it. [and] placed it on the back of his palm where the arachnid made the bite,” Vásquez told EFE.

After being bitten, he put the spider into a glass before going home. Newsweek reported that he started feeling sick three hours later and began experiencing intense muscle contractions and body aches.

Newsweek reported that after the boy explained what had happened, his matriarch took him quickly to a doctor nearby, who then rushed the child to an emergency hospital.

“We are extremely concerned because the analysis and questions asked to the child when he had already recovered indicate that he picked up the arachnid with a simple purpose — that he wanted to become Spider-Man,” Vásquez added. The black spiders that have a red back are the black widows. They do not cause anyone to become Spider-Man — on the contrary, they are putting lives at risk.”

Then, you can get started. Marvel The fictional Queens of comic books New YorkPeter Parker, a teenager who has spider-like powers is bitten by radioactive spider.

A black widow spider bite can lead to nausea, fever and chills. They can even cause death in serious cases. Parade.

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