Below Deck Mediterranean Delaney and Lexi the same work Ethic?

In a previous episode Below Deck MedChief stew, Katie Flood wanted an extra pair of hands. Second stew Lexi Wilson continues to be lazy. Katie had hoped that she would be able to perform well on the morning shift. Captain Sandy Yawn sent another stew to assist. But Delaney Evans has never worked in the interior.

She is a deckhand and is studying to be a captain. Delaney doesn’t really know the job, so she needs a little guidance and training. But Katie doesn’t have time to train, she needs someone who can do the job. As she continues to stress out, Delaney mimics Lexi’s work ethic.

What was Delaney Evans’ experience working with Lexi Wilson like?

In a new interview with Bravo TV’s Daily Dish, The Below Deck MedA Season 6 crew member shared her views on working with the fellow stew. Lexi had to show Delaney the ropes since Katie didn’t have time to thin. She couldn’t even figure out whether she should fire Lexi in favor of Delaney. She claimed she isn’t a “mean boss,” and doesn’t want to be.

Lexi didn’t like the idea of having a new crew member on board. In fact, it wasn’t a popular idea among the crew since they would have to share a tip with someone else. Lexi started working alongside Delaney shortly after she joined Lady Michelle. She even showed her some of the work that’s expected of her. It’s what Lexi loves because it’s something she enjoys. “bossing” People are all around.

Below Deck Mediterranean Delaney and Lexi the same work Ethic?

Delaney said that she enjoyed working alongside the former beauty queen. She shared her thoughts about their relationship in the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show.

“Lexi was a great teacher. Honestly, she was patient with me, she wasn’t quick to blame,” Delaney revealed. “She was super helpful. I definitely give props to Lexi for the way she took on the challenge and she helped me out in that situation.”

They are now getting along well. Lexi shared the news on the After ShowThey shared their love “laughs” “banter.”Delaney thinks they did a great job together. Courtney Veales was astonished that the two of them seemed to be able to get along. Katie is a bit more confused. It’s like two different worlds on the interior team.

The Below Deck Med Two types of stews:

Some Below Deck Med fans noticed that Delaney isn’t helping matters. In fact, she picked up some of Lexi’s work ethic. Both women are slow and lazy at their jobs. Even Mathew Shea was able to see it. “annoying” Delaney joined superyacht as a volunteer. She’s only hurting matters with her sluggish work ethic, and with messing up the cabin arrangements.

It’s only been a few days and Delaney’s arrival has already sparked a strong reaction among the crew. Katie didn’t hold back on her feelings about Delaney’s lack of effort. As she struggles with her leadership role and chief stewardess, she doesn’t know what to do. Lexi, Delaney, and their laundry room companions seem content so long as nobody bothers them.

What are your thoughts? Are you positive that bringing another stew to the team will benefit the interior? Is it possible that Lexi and Delaney share the same work ethic as Lexi? Comment below.

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