As the train to Stansted Airport crashes in heatwave, Brits are forced to carry their luggage along TRACK

PASSENGERS had to carry their luggage across the tracks after a Stansted Express train crashed on the hottest day of UK history.

Unbelievably, over 100 rail users were forced to walk to the nearest station Tuesday due to temperatures of up to 40C.

Thousands of passengers were forced to drag their suitcases after the Stansted Express train broke down


After the Stansted Express train stopped, thousands of passengers had to drag their bags.Deadline for Credit
Many had to leap down from the train with their bags


Many passengers had to get off the train and carry their bags.Deadline Credit

With the carriage doors locked shut due to an electronic failure, everyone on board had to depart through the driver’s cabin at around 6pm.

One woman struggles to descend from the lofty cabin. Rail staff assist her with her feet placement.

The police then direct the crowd to cross the tracks and wheel their holiday luggage over the bumpy surface.

Passengers are shown waiting for a bus that customers claim didn’t arrive within several hours. Many choose to take taxis.

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The heat took its toll upon the crowd, who claimed that they were only offered warm tap water by rail staff.

Gloria, 35 years old, was a passenger on the train returning from Madeira. She said that the lights went out, the air-con stopped, and the lights near the doors went off.

“They were trying to get the train back on for 20-25 minutes before they told us we were going to have to get off.

“They told us a bus would be coming to get us, but after the whole journey from getting on the train to getting home was approaching five hours, we decided to spend another £40 on a taxi. This was an expense we weren’t expecting.”

She also said that there were many other families and kids with big suitcases in the area who struggled.

Gloria posted the story on TikTok yesterday. Her videos have received almost 190,000.

After being stunned by the footage, hundreds left comments.

One person wrote: “I know the country has been collapsing for a while, but now it’s in ruins.”

Another passenger claimed to have commented: “I was on this train. The whole endeavour getting home was hell.”

A fourth one: “Glad you’re all safe.”

Rail companies were hit hard by record temperatures in the UK, leading to cancellations all across the country.

A spokesperson for Greater Anglia, the rail company that runs the Stansted Express, apologised for the issues which were caused by the heatwave: “The predicted conditions were why we issued advice to ask passengers not to travel unless their journeys were essential and to be prepared for delays, given the speed restrictions which were imposed to ensure safe ongoing operation of the network and the likelihood of heat-related problems, on what proved to be the hottest day ever recorded in the region and the wider UK.

“The 16.57 Stansted Airport to London Liverpool Street service was unable to proceed and passengers were safely evacuated from the train.”

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“Staff from Greater Anglian, Network Rail, and British Transport Police assisted with the evacuation. Passengers were escorted by a short walk to Broxbourne station.

“People who travelled on this train are entitled to delay repay compensation and we would encourage them to contact us direct.”

The train line has since apologised for the heatwave-caused induction


Since then, the train company has apologized to passengers for induction that was caused by heatwavesDeadline Credit

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