Ant Anstead Shares His Fears With Christina Hall in Ongoing Battle for His Care


Ant Anstead Shares His Fears With Christina Hall in Ongoing Battle for His Care

The breakup of Celebrity IOU – JoyrideAnt Anstead will be your co-host. Flip or FlopChristina Hall, star clearly Both parties find it difficultIt seemed that for a while they were perfectly content sharing the meal. Realities of co-parentingHudson London, their son. The concerned father changed their minds this spring. Petition to the court for full custodyHe made the shocking decision to divorce his wife, which shocked many. While his bid was denied by a judge, the case has been ongoing, and now he’s shared new “fears”His mother cares for him while he looks after his child.

Ant Anstead Fears Christina Hall’s Son-Raising Methods 

When the Dealers in Wheelers host (who’s now moved on romantically with Oscar winner Renée Zellweger) originally filed for full custody toward the end of April, he made surprising claims about his ex-wife being an absentee parent, who was also somewhat neglectful of their son’s safety when he did spend time with her. He also alleged that she used the boy in a number of commercial projects like paid social media posts without his consent, and it’s that issue that has now come back up in new court filings, which were obtained by InTouch Weekly.

As part of his filing, Anstead noted that he thought his son’s mother had “already exploited” him for “numerous paid promotions,”He had additional footage she could use, and he did not need to be notified. He also added:

It is my goal to ensure that Hudson is allowed a childhood that is joyful, healthy and natural, with as few stresses as possible, and this should be prioritized above creating commercial opportunity and content…[It is]Hudson should not be pushed [to do what]He doesn’t understand or have asked for it, and he is still very young to be able to communicate his needs. Hudson’s forced filming of reality TV raises many concerns. It could lead to public ridicule and humiliation over seemingly harmless content. I ask the courts to consider the case of Kailia Posiey, a tragic and embarrassing example of a common meme.

Anstead stated that Hall (who was also present) and he had agreed to this. After marrying Joshua Hall, she changed her name earlier this year) have managed to work out all other problems surrounding their son’s care without needing a judge to step in, this is the “one unresolved issue”It is there. From the fears expressed in his documents, it seems pretty apparent that he does not feel it’s in his child’s best interest to be seen in paid posts or on the many HGTV shows hosted by his mom. And, particularly with his reference to the tragic Death of Tiaras for toddlers and for tiaras star PoseyFew parents would be blamed for his concern. 

What Did Christina Hall Say About Ant Anstead’s Claims? 

Her representative can help you. Christina on the Coaststar (whose husband is now) After the custody battle, spoke out began) responded to her ex-husband’s filing, and denied ever exploiting their child. She claimed that he also exploited their child. “never had a problem”Their son “being on camera” until after Their fall 2020 split, and that it’s actually him who wants to use their son for paid posts. According to the statement, part of it says:

[Hudson] appeared in a few of my own Instagram ads that each took less than five minutes to film…These were organic moments in Hudson’s eyes. Nothing was forced, and they were filmed with a cell phone, not a production team…[Ant] repeatedly asked his ex-wife to allow his older kids to film with us…It was Ant’s ex-wife who did not want their children to be filmed…Ant has been told repeatedly that I do not have a problem with Hudson not filming…It is Ant who insists that he be able to use Hudson in social media posts to promote the post and expand its ‘organic’ reach.

While it’s good that both parents have come to agreements on the other issues they had about their child’s upbringing, it does appear that it will take some time yet to iron out when and how the boy will continue to be featured on their social media and television shows.


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