Angelina Jolie Father Jon Voight Adoption of Her Son Maddox Back in 2002!

Fathers and daughters tend to butt heads at times, and it can be difficult for them to get along. Angelina Jolie, her father Jon Voight, and this is something they both know well. They were involved in a lengthy feud that lasted years. 

Even in the best circumstances, a relationship with your father can be challenging for young women. Your relationship with your father will be even more complicated if you are influenced by fame, fortune, or divorce.

Jon Voight’s daughter Angelina Jolie and his son Jon Voight have never seen eye-to-eye. For a while, they were apart.

Angelina Jolie Father Jon Voight Adoption of Her Son Maddox Back in 2002!


Angelina was only two years old when her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, and her father separated. Her mother raised Jolie, her brother, and herself with financial support from Voight.

Despite their separation, they remained close. Jolie said Bertrand’s mother taught her many lessons about parenting her children when Bertrand passed away from cancer in 2007.

Voight has quite a career of his own in Hollywood, being one of the busiest actors over the last 60 years with starring roles in many movies and television shows, which is where Jolie’s love of acting came from.

While being such a prolific actor’s daughter had its perks in terms of managing to land starring roles a little easier, it also meant that she would be in her father’s shadow for much of her career and decided to drop her father’s last name because of it.

As Jolie became more popular in her own right, she began to gain the reputation of the “wild child.” She was drinking and smoking in excess and was wild because of her whirlwind marriages and seemingly dark interests.

Jolie said that she is fascinated by people’s belief that she is obsessed with death. She also stated that she could speak more about death than most people, but that this was because she loves life more.

However, Jolie later admitted that she had used self-harming to relieve her thoughts and feelings of depression. This contributed to her perception of her troublesome nature, which was not helped in any way by the allegations made against her father.

Angelina Jolie Father Jon Voight Adoption of Her Son Maddox Back in 2002!


Jolie and Voight remained close until 2002 when Voight began saying things about Jolie that she did not agree with. Voight told the media that he was worried about his daughter because she had “mental problems.”

The same day that he told the media that his daughter had mental problems, he told others that Jolie’s representatives had stopped Voight from hugging his daughter at a party because they knew that Voight had been trying to reach Jolie to give her help.

Jolie was angered by this and said that she and her father had never had a healthy relationship because of her father’s infidelity when he was married to her mother. Both the father and his daughter had a lot of things to say but eventually stopped speaking.

At the time of the allegations made by Voight, Jolie was in the process of adopting her son, Maddox. Voight was unable to meet his grandchildren due to their estrangement.

James Haven, Jolie’s brother, shared in her lament against their father. Voight believed that his children could not bear to be around him because of his “programmed anger” towards their mother.

Both Jolie and her brother had said that they were severely affected by how their father treated their mother and found it difficult to be around him. They claimed that they were not emotionally or mentally healthy to be around their father.


Angelina Jolie Father Jon Voight Adoption of Her Son Maddox Back in 2002!

Jolie’s relationship with her father has influenced her relationships with everyone else in her life. Jolie was self-destructive and rambunctious when she was younger has been attributed to her father’s absence.

It has been said that her relationships with each of her failed marriages have largely resulted from her relationship with her father. Even though she was on good terms with her father, their relationship was difficult.

Jolie’s resentment towards her father was a contributing factor to her inability to have healthy romantic relationships. She also had problems trusting people and finding a partner.

The mother of one of Jolie’s childhood friends, Susan Margaret, said that Voight mentally and emotionally abused Jolie’s mother, which resulted in both children having a huge amount of hostility toward her father.

Jolie’s hostility toward her father influenced her relationships with her children and husbands. Her first two marriages ended in failure, and her third with Brad Pitt was very difficult.


Jolie and her father did not talk for many years, and it seemed that the father and daughter wanted nothing to do with one another. However, a series of unfortunate events has led to the two reconciling.

After Jolie’s mother died in 2008, Brad Pitt suggested to Jolie that she should get into contact with her father so that their children could at least have their grandfather in their lives. Jolie refused to make amends with her father.

Jolie tried to reconcile with her father two years later in 2010. Voight was keen to reconcile for some time and stated that he was thrilled at the possibility of speaking with his daughter again.

Voight and Jolie did not reconcile overnight, and they even had some periods in which they did not talk even after deciding to reconcile, but they have come a long way since 2002 and have found ways to keep their conversations light breezy.

Although they tried to reconcile, it was not easy. After Jolie’s divorce from Pitt, Voight was extremely supportive, and the two have been speaking, and Voight has met all of his grandchildren.

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