Alicia Silverstone’s Parenting Habit Will Raise Eyebrows

Alicia Silverstone's Parenting Habit Will Raise Eyebrows

Nature versus nurture? Alicia Silverstone suggests that we can have both. You can open up to the “The Ellen Fisher Podcast”Silverstone has been in the news for revealing that Bear, her son, and she still sleep together, this week.

Silverstone explained that she made the choice to sleep with Bear 11 years ago, even though it is unusual. Follow the nature.How nature would nurture a child. “If you were in any kind of wild setting where there are animals … if you put your baby over there, your baby is going to get eaten,”Silverstone spoke. “It’s not ideal for the baby to be over there,”Bear and Bear also sleep together. 

After telling Bear that she continues to sleep with Bear, the actor quickly said that she didn’t. “really care”Let’s hear what other people think about her parenting style. Though at one time, her parenting decisions could’ve impacted more kids — as Silverstone revealed she wanted more children — it just didn’t fall into place. This only means that her focus is on raising Bear in the best possible way, even if it’s not traditional. “I’m a natural mama, and I’m a loving mama. I believe in love, I believe in nature and our society is scared of nature and love,” Silverstone added, clapping back at those criticizing her parenting — a style that is, to her, full of nature and love. 

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