Alec Baldwin Claims That He was Fired From A Different Job Due to Rust Shooting

Alec Baldwin Claims That He was Fired From A Different Job Due to Rust Shooting

Investigating the circumstances that led to Halyna’s tragic death as a cinematographer has been a difficult task. Rust. Part of the proceedings have naturally focused on what exact role Baldwin played in those events, and it’s something that’s weighed very heavily on the actor’s mind. According to a new interview, it’s also allegedly led to him being fired from several acting gigs as of late.

Alec Baldwin kept his thoughts going about RustIts unfortunate past was made public during a recent interview. CNN. The actor was open about his professional troubles, as well as discussing who he claimed was responsible for the live ammunition getting into the prop gun. The star was quick to sum up his troubles with these words:

Yesterday, I was fired from another job. I was ready to see a movie and board a plane. These guys have been in touch with me for months. Yesterday, they said that we won’t be able to make the movie with you because of this.

With a total of five acting jobs supposedly being lost to Alec Baldwin, it’s a different story than what we were hearing earlier this year. Previously, Baldwin was said to be back in actingWilliam and Alec were on the same trip to Italy filming back-to-back family vacation movies. Alec’s first acting gigs secured after the Rust Tragedia seemed to indicate that tragedy was the end. Mission: ImpossibleThe actor could return to a slower pace of work.

It’s certainly not the worst news the actor and public figure has gotten as of late. The FBI’s investigation into the Rust shooting recently concluded and claimed that the prop gun on set couldn’t have gone off without the actor pulling the trigger. Shortly after the news broke, the star maintained that he didn’t pull the trigger, only adding another point of diversion between his view of events and the results of the investigation.

We don’t know what Alec Baldwin lost in the aftermath to his alleged loss of acting jobs. Rust’sIt was a fatal shooting. Everyone can only say that the matter is still under investigation and that legal challenges are ongoing. The goal is to reach a fair but clear ruling. Meanwhile, Baldwin’s desire to speak outThey will likely continue to contribute to the overall picture and, hopefully, show how production companies can prevent another tragic loss like Halyna Hutchins.

There are currently several Alec Baldwin projects being filmed and are awaiting release. 2022 movie release schedule. It remains to be seen how these proceedings affect those films which are mostly complete. Keep an eye out for updates to the schedule.

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