After a string of terror attacks, terrifying photos show FOUR great-white sharks being spotted off the coast of the United States in just two days.

After a series of terror attacks, four great white sharks were spotted off the coast of the United States in the last two days.

These sightings were made on the Sharktivity App, were reported from Cape Cod’s coast. Massachusetts Between July 11th and July 13

A great white shark, named Luke, was spotted off the coast of Cape Cod on July 12


Luke, a great-white shark, was spotted off Cape Cod’s coast on July 12.Credit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Sharktivity Application
A beast, known as Kendal, was also spotted on July 13


On July 13, a beast known as Kendal was also seen.Credit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Sharktivity Application

Chatham Harbor was home to an 11-foot great White Shark, which was seen just after 4:45 PM local time on July 11.

Luke, a shark identified as Luke was spotted near the Gulf of Maine shoreline, on July 12. Granese was also reported from Nauset Beach on the 13th.

On July 13, a shark named Kendal also was spotted.

According to Sharktivity’s app, there have been numerous sightings at Cape Cod in the last few days.

Five sharks were seen at Nauset Beach on July 9, where they were found at different locations.

John Dodd is the executive director of Rhode Island’s Atlantic Shark Institute.Boston Globe: “We see more detections, but we also have many more receivers.

“We know these sharks have been in this area for a long, long time… millions of years. We’re getting much better at detecting them now.”

Megan Winton of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy told reporters at a conference on June 29 that great whites are a declining population. “increase sharply”July

She advised: “Just know the large sharks are here.”

Smith Beach, Long Island: Swimming was suspended due to “dangerous marine life”, Suffolk County officialsOn July 13th, it was made public.

In the US, a string of shark attacks have been reported in recent months.

Amazing data shows that sharks have mauled at least 22 Americans this year.

A six-foot-long beast bit a surfer’s foot on July 10 at New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

This happened just one week after a 28-year-old man had his left foot bit while riding the waves at the same beaches.

The popular beach resort has been dubbed the shark capital of the world.

In March, bites to the legs and feet of two men in their twenties, one a surfer and one a fisherman, were reported.

Last September, a 16 year old boy was injured while surfing at the resort. He required nine stitches.

Daytona Beach News-Journalreported that two more people were attacked in May of 2021 on the same beach.

A 21-year-old woman was hurt while wading in 4 feet of water. A 12-year old girl was attacked while surfing.

Florida teenager Addison Bethea (17) was attacked by a nine-foot shark on June 30, according to estimates.

She was “buddy swimming with her brother”, her mom Michelle told Central Recorder.

After the horrific attack, Addison had to have her leg amputated.

Despite her daughter’s injuries, Michelle said that Addison will continue getting back into the water.

She stated: “You can’t stop living your life because this happened.”

Lindsay Bruns from Texas was with her family when she was attacked and mauled by the shark.

The 35 year-old was riding a pontoon boat and had already jumped in the water numerous times.

Lindsay’s husband Luke heard a loud splash before spotting blood in the water, The Miami Heraldreported.

Lindsay was bitten in the neck by a shark.

Officials from the Florida Wildlife Commission stated that Lindsay was given an in-flight transfusion of blood while being airlifted to the hospital.

John Mullins was attacked on July 7th by a tiger Shark while participating in Lifeguard Training on Fire Island, New York.

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John sustained foot injuries in the attack. He was taken to the hospital, where he received numerous stitches.

He said News12I didn’t feel the bite initially. My adrenaline was rushing right away.”

The Sharktivity app detected a shark known as Granese off the coast of Nauset Beach


Sharktivity app detected Granese, an endangered shark off Nauset BeachCredit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Sharktivity Application

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