A new trend for dating apps, “Terrible”, has men writing bios that are different for women older than 30.

Many women find it difficult to find a partner as they age.

People are becoming more vocal about the discrimination against older women.

One journalist used Twitter to share a screenshot from a disturbing bio that a male added to his online dating profile. The bio included a separate bio for men over 30 and women under 30.

“I regret to inform that there is a terrible new dating app bio trend for ~30yo men,”Emily Kirkpatrick, writer.

The first bio is as follows: “To the women over 30, I am a successful business owner and I want to start a loving family.”

The second however was more focused on the possibility of building a family, with the man instead writing. “To the women 30 and under, I am hung, love long walks and I breed husky puppies.”

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You think this is gross? It’s not your only concern. Many women expressed concern that the man made his bio to address women of different ages separately.

“This is demonic,”Only one person was able to write.

“I swear to god men write bios to impress other men,”One thing led to another.

This is a good idea, but it’s not likely to catch on and be popularized by men using online dating apps.

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