A Husband Found Positive Pregnancy Test In Bathroom Bin, His Wife Swears Its Not her’s!

I was overjoyed when I discovered a positive pregnancy test kit in our bin. I thought I was going to be a father! But when I asked my wife about it, she claimed it wasn’t hers. I was confused.

“Oh god, Kelly! I can’t believe this. Why didn’t you tell me before?” I laughed with delight. “I am so excited to have this child. Our child!”

Kelly gave me an odd look. “Our child?! What are you even talking about, Adam?”

“Oh, come on, Kelly. There’s no point in pretending now! If you were planning on surprising me, I’m sorry I ruined the surprise.”

Kelly seemed a bit agitated. “Calm down, Adam. There’s no surprise and no child. I’m not pregnant.”

I was confused. “Then what’s this?” I handed the test kit over to her.

Kelly’s eyes widened. “Where the hell did you even find this? I swear it’s not mine!”

“How is that possible, Kelly? I found it in our bin. How can it be someone else’s?”

“Well, I don’t want to explain anything to you!” Kelly responded rudely. “Throw it in the trash, freshen up, and come for dinner.”

At that point, my calm was gone. “Do you think it’s a joke, Kelly? You don’t want to agree that this kit is yours because you don’t want to have this child! How can you be so reckless and make such rash decisions about our child?”

“There is no child in the first place, Adam,” Kelly replied. “So stop overreacting. The dinner’s getting cold.”

I knew Kelly wouldn’t tell me about her pregnancy if we kept arguing like that, so I calmed myself down and asked her again. “Honey, you can be honest with me. I don’t mind if it’s someone else’s child. I will love the child just like our own child.”

“Enough, Adam!” Kelly shouted at me. “I told you there’s no child. Why are you just jumping to conclusions? You really think I’ll cheat on you with someone else?”

“Then why aren’t you telling the truth, Kelly? How did this kit end up in our trash can?”

“I have told you the truth already. It’s NOT MINE! I don’t know anything else,” Kelly yelled at me and ran upstairs, slamming the bedroom door.

After Kelly left, I was alone and wondered why Kelly kept dialing the pregnancy. Did she intend to leave me? What if she didn’t want to have the child? What was the matter? I wondered.

I tried to talk to Kelly again the next morning to sort things out, but she refused to speak. I thought that by giving Kelly some time things would improve. But, unfortunately, it didn’t. Things began to deteriorate and we started arguing every day.

It went on for over a week like this. Kelly and I didn’t talk much, and if she had to tell me something, it was through Amanda, Kelly’s 19-year-old cousin who was staying with us at the time.

Amanda approached me once while I was working until late at night, and she wanted to talk with me about something. Although I thought it was Kelly asking me, Amanda began speaking and I was shocked.

It turned out Kelly wasn’t lying about the test kit. It actually wasn’t hers. It was Amanda’s, and she was pregnant. She hadn’t told her parents or me about the pregnancy because she was afraid they would lash out at her, and I would refuse to let her stay at our house.

“I’m sorry, Adam. I was the one who made Kelly promise not to tell anyone about it. It’s entirely my fault. When I observed you guys fighting every day, I felt bad, so I decided to tell you everything. I’m sorry,” Amanda admitted.

“Are you even aware of what you’ve done, Amanda? How could you even think like that?” I was furious. “At least, you could have tried talking to me once. Kelly and I fought just because of your stupid lie!”

“I know Adam, I’m sorry. Please don’t kick me out of the house!” Amanda started pleading.

“I’m not going to throw you out of the house, Amanda. But what have you thought about the pregnancy? You can’t hide it forever,” I said.

“I can’t tell my parents since they are quite conservative and against premarital pregnancy. So I’m at a loss about what to do. However, I do not want to terminate the pregnancy.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine,” I assured Amanda. “Kelly and I will help you, but first, let me speak with her.” I went into Kelly’s room to see if she was awake. She was reading a book, and she was still awake. I ran to her and gave them a big hug.

“Adam, what are you doing?” I was shocked when she began to scream at me. “Get away from me!”

I hugged her even more tightly. “I’m sorry, Kelly. Please forgive me. I should have believed you.”

Kelly looked puzzled at me. “Adam, are you all right? What’s the matter?”

“Well, Amanda said…” Kelly was puzzled when I explained everything, and things ended up being fine between us. The next day, we visited Amanda’s house and spoke to her parents about her pregnancy. Although they were initially shocked, they eventually agreed to help their daughter.

One year later, Amanda married and moved into a new home with her husband. Kelly and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, and we have a lovely family now.

What lessons can we take from this story?

  • It is easier to solve problems when we have a conversation with someone. Amanda could have avoided all the trouble if she had spoken to Adam about her problem.
  • There’s no point in hiding secrets as they have a way of leaking out. Amanda and Kelly tried to keep Amanda’s pregnancy a secret from Adam, but he found out eventually.

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