A handy Netflix hack allows you to request movies and TV shows that aren’t available on the app

It’s frustrating to search for a TV series or movie on Netflix, only to discover it has disappeared.

Netflix offers a way to ask for additional content.

This is what the Netflix request form looks like


This is how the Netflix request form looks.Credit: Netflix

If you are a movie or TV series fan, this is a great feature.

If you’re a big fan of a certain TV series or a film but Netflix doesn’t have it then you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Send a request to Netflix to ask them to consider your favorite content.

Simply visit the “Request TV shows or movies”Netflix Help Website, where you can make up to three content suggestions at a time.

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You can ask for content that was once on Netflix but vanished – or something that’s never been on the platform before.

If you are desperate to watch your favourite movie on Netflix, you can start a live chat or call them directly.

There is no guarantee that you will be successful.

Netflix may decide not to spend the money on licensing the content.

And enough users might not have requested the same content – so there’s little incentive to follow through.

Bear in mind that some content will probably never end up on Netflix – no matter how many requests the company receives.

Disney+ won’t likely hand over Star Wars content.

You might be able to get it streaming, particularly if you have an older piece of content.

It’s also free to request it so there’s nothing to lose.

It will at the very least give Netflix an idea about the type of content that you are looking for.

Netflix is a great source of entertainment “originals”It is constantly adding content from other sources.

Apply now and keep your fingers crossed.

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A handy Netflix hack allows you to request movies and TV shows that aren’t available on the app

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