7 Iconic TV Shows for Students

It’s time to unwind, get some rest, and enjoy some entertainment. For our readers who are about to watch a show, snacks and drinks ready, but can’t find something decent to watch, we’re here. We’ve picked out some great if not iconic gems that are potentially binge-worthy. So stick around.

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7 Iconic TV Shows for Students

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Moving along, here are some great options for your must-watch list:

1. Yellowjackets

Created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, this show received critical acclaim for its performance and plot. Yellowjackets is about a team of girl soccer players left deserted in the Canadian wilderness when their plane crashes while flying to Seattle for an important tournament. And the plot thickens.

For those who are fans of mystery, teen dramas, and the survival trope, Yellowjackets is a must-watch and does not disappoint in the plot or acting department. Get the popcorn ready. 

2. Skins

British TV show Skins enjoyed massive popularity amongst students and teenagers when it was running, mainly because of its relatability and unabashed exploration of teenage and young adult life. The story centers around a group of teens and their love lives, happiness, and relationships. Mix in a few troubled parents and teachers, and you’ve got yourself a show.

Skins highlights issues concerning:

  • Mental illness
  • Dysfunctional families
  • Sex, substance abuse
  • Bullying

Topics aren’t exactly wholesome but are subjects that any teen or young adult can relate to.

3. Outer Banks

For those who want something more adventurous and rowdy, coupled with some easy-on-the-eyes characters, then Outer Banks is your show. The center plot of the story is about the search for gold in a destroyed and ancient shipwreck. Outer Banks is entirely emotional and dramatic, but it tries to be authentic to the teenage experience ‒ something that the show successfully delivers.

7 Iconic TV Shows for Students

4. Shadow and Bone 

For those who are into the bigger picture and larger concepts like power abuse and destiny, this is your show. Shadow and Bone has a teen cast but isn’t your average teen show. Beautifully crafted, with an epic plot and fantasy themes, it is a unique watch that is definitely going to entertain you and keep your eyes glued to the screen.

The story is set in a fictional country called Ravka, clearly inspired by Russia. The country is threatened by dangerous and ugly creatures that feast on human flesh. The protagonist, our heroine, Alina Starkov, has the lone potential to save everyone. She’s the light bringer, and we’ll leave it at that. Shadow and Bone won’t disappoint and will probably be a delight to watch for fans of the dark fantasy genre.

5. The Society

The Society’s plot is already intriguing on its own, but the show itself delivers what the plot intends pretty well. It’s about a group of teens coming back from a trip early because of a storm. As they come back to their hometown, it’s completely empty. Think ‘Twilight Zone.’ The plot thickens. 

Unfortunately, the show was canceled because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and since it started running in 2019, the timing just wasn’t right. However, we seriously recommend our readers to try out the first season either way on Netflix – it’s definitely a must-watch.

6. Never Have I Ever

If some of you have noticed, lots of teen comedies actually aren’t really that funny. It’s just a trope. However, this show has genuine potential to make you laugh. Never Have I Ever is about being 15 years old and navigating through life. It’s authentic in its portrayal of the awkwardness, the confusion, and everything else that comes at that age. 

It’s a realistic coming-of-age that definitely deserves a place on your must-watch list, especially for those who are fans of this genre. The show also portrays issues with identity, especially since the protagonist is young Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian teenager born in the U.S. The show is ready to watch on Netflix.

7. Daria

If ‘oldie but goldie’ could be embodied by a show, it would be Daria. It’s animated and from the 90s, but unlike many corny 90s TV shows, Daria is edgy. Firstly, the heroine of our show is very anti-heroine. She’s not bubbly, overly enthusiastic, or whatever golden girl energy you might expect from the protagonist. She’s smart – a bit too smart for her peers.

Daria observes the world around her during high school with a facial expression as enthusiastic as her supposed misanthropic traits. However, she is easily relatable, and the show delivers well as a satire of pop culture, which is still completely relevant today. We scoff at the hype; we really do. And so does Daria. 

For fans who want to experience an animated show that’s iconic, then this is your show. Although Daria wanted to criticize and mock pop culture for its blatant obnoxiousness, it became somewhat a part of pop culture as well since it got so popular. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve added a bunch of different genres of shows in this article, so there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. For those who want to stay in and binge-watch something soon, our recommendations will definitely not leave our readers high and dry. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our reviews and cherry-pick one of our suggestions. They might just become your new favorite. 

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