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Nothing Drab About Drag

by Nicholas Leahey

The Central Activities Network (CAN) and CCSU Pride held their semiannual CCSU Drag Ball on Thursday in the Devil’s Den at 10 p.m.

The event, which took place in front of a packed Alumni Hall, showcased various professional and amateur performances which ranged from singing and dancing, as well as pantomiming.

“You never know what you’re going to see,” said student Tevin Jourdain, who said he attends it every year, both in the spring and fall.

Lasting roughly two and a half hours, the Drag Ball was split into three different parts. The first two parts included performances by professional drag queens, which were followed by performances by amateurs. Both groups were greeted by a welcoming atmosphere.

“A lot of it is in the moment,” said Anthony Walentukonis, a Resident Assistant who is currently active in the CCSU Pride club. He has partaken in the event since his freshman year, including this year, where he did an act together with Gina Iarrapino. The two of them sang “Breaking Free” from High School Musical, respectively dressed as the characters Gabriella and Troy. They were met with a resounding applause.

The third part of the Drag Ball included a Halloween costume contest, which featured various costumes ranging from Mario and Luigi, to a Mermaid, as well as final performances from both the amateur and professional drag queens.

Local professional drag queen, who went by the name Morgana Delux, hosted the event, filling in for Electra Delux who normally does so. She, along with two other professional drag queens in attendance, Lucia Virginity and Summer Orlando, were surprised at the overwhelming support of the event, as well as for the LGBT community at CCSU.

“The support is amazing here,” said Orlando. Her and Delux agreed that it was rare to get the opportunity to do any performance at a college, and therefore were grateful to be able to do so here.

“Performing on stage is such an exhilarating experience,” said student Alexander O’Neil. He was one of the amateur drag queens who participated in the event, and went by the drag name Serena Celeste. He mainly enjoys the thrill of being onstage.

“To get to take on a persona and entertain people and make them happy is truly an opportunity like no other,” he explained.

The response from the crowd was reflected by the support throughout the show, as the crowd contributed to the energy of the actors on stage.

“I love the drag show!”, said Cali Russell, a theater major at CCSU. She, like many other students in attendance, admired the enthusiasm and confidence that the actors had on stage, and how it increased as the night went on.

“It’s amazing to watch honestly,” said transfer student Audrah Benson, who had never attended a drag show prior to this. “If they’re doing what they want to do, why judge them?,” she added.