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It is quite a common occurrence to get issued with a traffic violation ticket as one might often find themselves inadvertently speeding, parking in an unauthorized spot, or even changing lanes abruptly. As everyone knows that paying the fine in court is a very troublesome procedure, the New Jersey Municipal Court has made a simple system to ease the payment process.

NJMCdirect is an online portal that allows New Jersey residents with a traffic ticket to make payments without having to visit the court or queue for long hours. It is a fast, secure and economical way of ticket payment where many have found convenience in.

Now, for those looking to navigate through the NJMCdirect portal, this guide will walk you through every step of the payment process while also providing more information that you would like to know.

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  • To pay your traffic ticket online, you would require a laptop, desktop, or smartphone to access the NJMCdirect portal.
  • A stable internet connection to ensure that the payment process isn’t disrupted midway.
  • You would need to have your traffic violation ticket in hand, which will contain the Court ID, Ticket Prefix, and a Ticket number.
  • You would also need to have your License Plate Number.
  • Before proceeding to make online payments, ensure you have a credit card or debit card.

Timings for Online Payment

An important thing to take note of before proceeding to make payment in NJMCdirect is to know the operation hours of the portal. You can only make payments during these hours so that you can plan accordingly. These are the operation hours for online payment in NJMCdirect:

  • Mon to Thurs: 4.30 am – 11.15 pm (EST)
  • Friday: 4.30 am – 10.15pm (EST)
  • Saturday: 4.30 am – 3.15 pm (EST)
  • Sunday: 1.00 pm – 11.15pm (EST)

How to pay your Traffic Ticket online at NJMCdirect?

Once you have ensured the availability of all the required documents, proceed to make an online payment for your traffic ticket at NJMCdirect. Here’s how:


  1. To initiate the payment process, visit the NJMCdirect homepage at www.njmcdirect.com.
  2. Once on the homepage, you can find the ‘Traffic Ticket’ option.
  3. By clicking on the ‘Traffic Ticket’ button, a set of fields to fill will appear.
  4. As given in your traffic ticket, fill in the Court ID/Name, Prefix (optional), Ticket Number, and License Plate Number.
  5. Click on the green ‘Search’ button.
  6. This will provide you with two options: ‘ View NJMCdirect Ticket’ and ‘NJMCdirect Ticket Payment.’
  7. To make an online payment for your traffic ticket, click on ‘NJMCdirect Ticket Payment.’
  8. This will redirect you to the payment page, where you will have to fill in your credit or debit card details and click on ‘submit.’
  9. Your payment will be processed, and an online receipt will be generated. Keep this for future reference.

How to view your Traffic Ticket online at NJMCdirect?

The steps to view your traffic ticket online are pretty similar to that of making an online payment. However, for those individuals who want to view their traffic ticket online, here’s how:

  1. Visit the NJMCdirect homepage at www.njmcdirect.com.
  2. Click on the ‘Traffic ticket’ button. This will cause a few boxes to appear.
  3. Fill in the necessary details such as the Court ID/Name, Prefix, Ticket Number, and License Plate Number.
  4. Click on the green ‘Submit’ button.
  5. Next, click on the ‘View NJMCdirect Ticket’ option to view your traffic ticket online.
  6. There will also be an option to download and print your traffic ticket.

There is an alternate portal where you can view your traffic offense details online. For those who are missing their traffic ticket or aren’t able to retrieve all ticket information, this would be useful:

  1. Visit the Municipal Court Case Search online portal.
  2. Ensure you have either one of the following available:
          • Ticket Number
          • Drivers License Number
          • Name
  3. Click on the ‘Search’ option.
  4. This will bring up the details of your traffic offense.


  • Are there any payment processing fees while paying online at NJMCdirect?
    There will be service fees of 3% of your payment amount charged by NJMCdirect if you choose to make a payment online.
  • When will the Traffic Ticket be available for payment after being issued?
    It usually takes 1 to 4 days to appear in the NJMCdirect portal after being issued. However, if this takes any longer, do contact the court for further details.
  • What to do if I have lost my Traffic/Parking ticket?
    For those who have last your traffic/parking violation ticket, report the lost ticket at your nearest police station, and you can contact them or the NJMC to resolve the issue.
  • What if you are unable to find your traffic ticket at NJMCdirect?
    If you cannot find your traffic ticket online at NJMCdirect, do contact the support division for further details, and they will assist.
  • Why am I facing an error issue while trying to find my ticket at NJMCdirect?
    If you notice the field boxes highlighted in red, that means that you have entered incorrect details. Ensure you fill in the correct information and all the boxes marked with an asterisk as they are mandatory.

Customer Service contact details of NJMCdirect

For those who face any issue regarding the payment process and require further assistance from the customer service of NJMCdirect, here are the various ways you can contact them:

  • By Phone: You can call the NJMCdirect customer service at 973 284 4945.
  • By Fax: You can alternatively send a fax to 973 284 4914.
  • By Visit: You can visit the NJMCdirect office at the following address, NJMC Public Safety Building, (Mon to Fri, 8 am to 4 pm)
    2nd Floor, 228 Chestnut Street.

Connect with NJMCDirect at:

The above guide provides a step-by-step procedure on how to make your payment online at NJMCdirect. Along with the guide, there are other information to help you understand the whole payment process and FAQs that will help you know any trouble you are facing with.


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