Wendy Williams forcing her boyfriend to sign a non-disclosure agreement before dates?


Wendy Williams forcing her boyfriend to sign a non-disclosure agreement before dates?

Is Wendy Williams forcing her new boyfriend to sign a non-disclosure agreement? According to one tabloid, the talk-show host refused to declare the relationship until he signed an NDA. Here’s what we know.

Wendy Williams Sets ‘Rules’ For New Boyfriend?

A recent edition of Star reports Wendy Williams isn’t messing around when it comes to relationships, but she may have her reasons. Williams was forced to divorce her husband of 22-years in 2019 after it became clear that he had gotten pregnant by his mistress. “He was a serial cheater. [So] I will hire a private investigator and check you out to make sure you’re not lying to me,” Williams once commented on Williams’s dating life. However, the tabloid claims that Williams was not entirely serious.

Williams posted an Instagram photo last month of her new boyfriend. But, an inside source told the outlet that Williams’s partnership comes with terms. Williams signed a non-disclosure contract with her boyfriend before they were made public. “Word is he’s wondering what he got himself into,” says the insider, “but the way Wendy sees it, she’s just protecting herself.”

‘Unlucky In Love’ Wendy Williams’ NDA

After finding out your partner of 22 years was cheating on you, it only makes sense that you’d enter your next relationship with caution. This NDA story is not valid, however. It would be massive news if there were evidence Williams forced her boyfriend to sign an NDA. Strangely, however, this story has not been reported by any other credible media outlet. That’s the first red flag.

Williams also wants her boyfriend to sign an NDA. The tabloid doesn’t explain what information she’d be trying to protect and only points to her divorce as evidence. Williams once admitted that she would want some legal protections if she decided to walk down the aisle again. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Williams said she plans to have a “good ole one-page prenup” with her next husband. “One paragraph, maybe two sentences: What’s yours is yours, what’s mine is mine,” She said.

These comments are not about her privacy but her finances. There’s no evidence whatsoever that she’s getting her next boyfriend to sign a prenup, meaning this alleged “insider” — if they even exist — was either sorely misinformed or outright lying.

The Tabloids On Wendy Williams

The tabloids are constantly making up bizarre stories about Williams. Earlier this year, the National Enquirer reported Williams’ friends were urging her to wear a diaper. Then the Enquirer said Williams was “erratic” and “close to the edge” after her ex-husband reunited with his mistress. Then the same tabloid claimed Williams was “desperate” and trying to pursue a married man. The tabloids’ narratives about Williams are often wrong, making it even less likely that Star’s story has any truth to it.

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