Simple techniques on homeschooling during the lockdown


Teaching children at home can be quite a herculean task because teachers at schools are trained to manage these children. They would have received professional education in understanding the psychology of the children and their behavior. Along with all these, they would have spent time creating methods and processes to train the children that go to their school.

But, as parents, most of them fail to handle on or two children because of the extreme love that they would possess. In order to impart education to children at home, you must make sure to follow a certain amount of discipline and creativity else, and the kids would certainly not adhere to any of the rules that you make. In this article, we have written about a few simple steps that every parent needs to follow to get their kids interested in homeschooling methods.

  • Explain the need for homeschooling

You must educate your kids about the need for homeschooling. Use words that can be easily understood and do not make them feel the stress of education while they are at home. Tell them in an assertive manner the need for studying, and this would get most of the children to adapt themselves to homeschooling.

  • Break the monotony

At schools, kids would be following a regular timetable, and they would be bored with that. At home, you can always break this monotony by introducing something new and creative to them. Instead of teaching them chemistry using books, you might as well take them into your kitchens and teach them the simple concepts. These simple things would get them glued to their subjects.

  • Keep their schedule interesting.

Introduce something that they like as part of their schedule for an hour or two; if your kids love to sing, dance or cook, add them into their schedule. You can keep changing the pattern on the timetable and also ask your children’s opinion while preparing the timetable. They would certainly feel happy and might even suggest something that you might have never thought of.

  • Include practical learning

There are a lot of concepts that can be taught practically to your children. If you are teaching them the concepts of soil, plants, or anything related to the environment, you might take them out in nature and explain things to them practically instead of giving them the theoretical knowledge. 

  • Give them time to learn and digest the concepts 

When you teach them a concept, do not rush into the other concept. Give them some time so that they can digest the concepts taught and apply them if possible. Give them some challenges where the concepts can be applied. This will enhance their learning further. 

  • Do not overdo 

Schools would have a scheduled timetable, and that is going to be pretty strict. But when you are planning for homeschooling, you can keep the schedule relaxed because here you need to focus more on quality than the number of concepts or chapters. This would keep the children glued to the methods and techniques.

  • Reward them frequently 

When we speak of rewards, it is about encouraging them and making them feel positive all the time when they are learning. It can be a simple pat on the back or stroking their hair or even a hug. This will be positive reinforcement, and that would make them learn effectively.

  • Teach them different concepts

Try to teach them the concepts differently and don’t keep dragging the same concept throughout the day. It can become boring and mundane, and their interest levels would drop instantly. Hence, teaching them different topics with regular breaks in between will keep them engaged.

  • Study with them

When they are studying, refrain yourselves from involving in any other activities that can distract the mood of your kids. You might as well keep a book in your hand and indulge in reading, and this is again going to positively influence your child to get back to their books.

  • Discuss their progress

Of course, this is one of the most important things to include, even in the homeschooling method of teaching as well. Unless and until you discuss their progress, they would not be motivated; hence, design a few simple tests and ask them to face it as they do it at schools.

Well, these are some of the simplest of techniques that one can incorporate while using the homeschooling technique. As parents, it becomes your responsibility to teach your children effectively because if you connect back to the roots of our education system, homeschooling was the most used method to educate the children.
We hope that these techniques of homeschooling, you should navigate here for more techniques to help you to keep your child updated during the COVID-19 lockdown.


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