Mr. Iglesias Season 3 Release Date | Netflix Cancels Mr. Iglesias Abruptly

Mr. Iglesias became an instant hit comedy series that premiered on Netflix sometime in June 2019. The series premiered nearly two years, and the first season was commissioned for a 10-episode season which was released at once on Netflix.

The series changed its dropping episodes when the second season was split into a couple of parts. By its looks, the first part of season 2 came with six episodes, and the second part comprised five episodes. Netflix released both parts of the second season in June 2020 and December 2020 chronologically.

Mr. Iglesias: Reception and Reception from AudienceThe series were directly introduced into the 10-top category in Netflix in March 2020. Sadly, Mr. Iglesias didn’t retain his position in the category of Top 10 in the US for only ten days. Additionally, in other regions, Mr. Iglesias the series didn’t make the cut.

Mr. Iglesias Season 3 Release Date | Netflix Cancels Mr. Iglesias Abruptly

On the authoritative movie source platform, IMDb, Mr. Iglesias has a 7.1 out of 10. It also ranks as one of the best Original sitcoms on Netflix. Despite its popularity and great response from critics, Mr. Iglesias has been canceled by the streaming giant.

Back in December 2020, Tucker Albrizzi, who features among the cast, said that the team has an open mind to return for a fourth or third season.

Mr. Iglesias: Cancelation Status

The announcement for the cancelation of Mr. Iglesias began circulating on the internet on July 2, 2021. Mr. Iglesias, alongside other shows on Netflix like Country ComfortThe Crew, and Bonding, was canceled abruptly by the streaming giant.

Mr. Iglesias Season 3 Release Date | Netflix Cancels Mr. Iglesias Abruptly

Amid the cancelation reports, Gabriel Iglesias has revealed that he’ll continue working alongside Netflix irrespective of the cancelation of this wonderful series. Iglesias is currently working with Netflix on a new project, a stand-up comedy special as per the original plans of the comedian and the streaming giant.

Several fans have shared their discomfort with the cancelation news. It’s sad to see a great series with significant potential come to an end.

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