“The Kings” 2021 Watch Online For Free – Showtime

Showtime, one of the most premium American TV networks has dropped its biggest project, “The Kings”. Showtime is considered as the biggest rival of HBO Max and is known for its blockbuster show. The streaming network is gearing up to set new records with its latest docu-series “The Kings”.

"The Kings" 2021 Watch Online For Free - Showtime

“The Kings” is one of the much-awaited documentary series coming from the huge library of masterpieces of Showtime. Set in the 1980s, the show explores the golden era of the welterweight boxing champions. “The Kings” is a four-part series that revolves around four champions who engrave their names in the boxing renaissance. The show highlights a story of rivalry, sports, and thrill. It follows the dominance of the “Four Kings” – Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns, Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Deadly Marvin Hagler.

"The Kings" 2021 Watch Online For Free - Showtime

The show has already arrived on the Showtime network and has grabbed some insane views. The audience received the concept well and the first episode has got an 8.2/10 rating on IMDb. The show is loaded with suspense, thrill, action, and deadly boxing matches.

“The Kings” Episode 1 Is Available On Showtime!!

The first episode of “The Kings” 2021 is officially available on Showtime. The subscription holders of showtime and enjoy the thrilling world of “The Kings” online. However, if you don’t have a paid account on Showtime, don’t worry. As we were here to tell you, how you can watch “The Kings” online for free. You can watch the official trailer of “The Kings” here – https://youtu.be/_Smml9BovT0

How To Watch “The Kings” Online For Free?

“The Kings” is available for the Showtime paid members. So, if the viewers want to watch their favorite movie they are required to pay the membership fees.

Many fans do not want to opt for the paid version, which compels them to shift to the pirate websites. However, downloading copyright content from pirate websites like Extra Torrent, isoHunt, RARBG, Kickass Torrents, and more is illegal. Therefore, make sure to avoid all these websites and watch the movie on authentic platforms. Also report the pirate website if you come across one.

"The Kings" 2021 Watch Online For Free - Showtime

So, how to watch your favorite movie on Showtime for free? With Showtime’s free trial version, you can get a seamless entertainment experience for 30-days for absolutely free. However after the expiry of free trial you need to renew your account paying the subscription fee or you can cancel your subscription. Check the complete process to get your free 30-day trial on Showtime below –

  • To get the free trial visit the official Showtime streaming website.
  • Hit the “Start your free trial” button.
  • Enter the payment details. Don’t worry no charges will be deducted till 30-days of trial.
  • Hit the confirm button and tuned into your favorite show.

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