Here are The College Basketball Teams of This Celebs

Just like football, basketball is a big sport that attracts big crowds and a high fan base. College basketball is also famous for its rich history since way back. One of the most remarkable elements of college basketball is celebrity fan involvement. College basketball is thrilling to watch as its often fierce matches thanks to the young and energetic college basketball players. 

Unlike in other games where celebrities want to keep a low profile when watching, college basketball features a high number of stars who openly support their favorite basketball teams. Here are some of the stars who openly support college basketball teams:

Here are The College Basketball Teams of This Celebs

Ashley Judd-University of Kentucky Wildcats

Ashley Judd is a celebrated movie star who has made appearances in some of the most thrilling movies ever produced. While this may be unknown, Ashley Judd, the daughter of world-famous country singer Naomi Judd, is one of the greatest celebrity college basketball fans. Her love for the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team is openly demonstrated numerous times on the basketball court wearing their jerseys. Her passion for the University of Kentucky Basketball team, which has one of the best ncaab lines, was also confirmed via a Twitter storm recently. She openly declared that the Arkansas Basketball Team could go to hell for all she cares about in her tweet. This, however, did not end as she was bullied for a long time. This notwithstanding, Ashley Judd is still a great fan of the University of Kentucky basketball team.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Northwestern Wildcats

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is an eleven-time winner of the famous Grammy Awards. The all-time movie star is a household name, specifically after her role as Elaine in the renowned tv series Seinfeld. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the mother of Charlize Hall, who plays as a forward in the Northwestern Men’s Basketball team. Charlie Hall recently made it to join the Division 1 basketball championship. This automatically makes Julia Louis-Dreyfus a loyal Northwestern Wildcats basketball team fan.

 Rob Riggle – Kansas Jayhawks

Rob Riggle is an all-around celebrity who has featured in the world’s greatest action movies of all time. Rob is even more famous for famous comedy shows like Saturday Night Live and the Daily Show. It is also in the public domain that Rob Riggle was previously serving in the US Navy Marine before joining show business. What is unknown to many is that Rob Riggle is an alumnus of the University of Kansas. Rob has been a loyal fan of the university, Kansas Jayhawks basketball team. He ensures that he spares some time from his busy schedule to attend the team matches.

Matthew McConaughey – Texas Longhorns

Matthew David McConaughey is a celebrated actor globally. One of his best movies is Dazed and Confused, which brought him to the limelight. Matthew David McConaughey is unarguably one of the celebrity superfans of the Texas Longhorns basketball team. The good news is that the famous actor is now the minister of Culture for the Texas Longhorn university. This means that his work is to ensure that the Texas longhorn basketball team becomes top of the highly competitive basketball team.

Ashton Kutcher- Iowa Hawkeyes

Ashton Kutcher is a world-celebrated actor and producer. Ashton Kutcher is unarguably among the most prominent college basketball celebrity fan. His love for the Lowa Hawkeyes is openly demonstrated as he rocks a Hawkeye gear often in public. So much is his love for the Lowa Hawkeyes that he attends all other Hawkeyes sports activities. Ashton recently revealed to Conan O’Brien that when his son was born, he proposed to the wife Mila Kunis to name their child Hawkeyes. This goes to show that he is a staunch fan of the Lowa Hawkeyes.

Vince Gill – Belmont Bruins

Vince Gill is a famous American Country Songwriter. The old-time celebrity was born in Norman, Oklahoma where the University of Oklahoma is located. Gill’s success story can, however, be traced to Nashville, Tennessee. Gill is an open supporter of the Belmont Bruins basketball team. So great is his love for the group such that he has offered three scholarships in the school’s music department. The university has even gifted him an honorary doctorate.

Here are The College Basketball Teams of This Celebs

Justin Timberlake – Memphis Tigers

Justin Timberlake is a world-celebrated songwriter and producer. Justin Timberlake is an all-time fan of the Memphis Tigers basketball team. So deep is his connection with the Memphis Tigers such that he has to be called anytime there is an election of a new coach. Justin Timberlake and the University of Memphis administration have collaborated to ensure that the annual Memphis Madness is filled with great entertainment. Justin Timberlake is also an owner of the Grizzlies, which is a basketball team in Memphis town.

It is evident that these celebrities are diehard fans of their respective college basketball teams. We will keep updating this list. 

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