Netflix it!: ‘Sunset Boulevard’

December 3rd, 2015
2 months ago

by Cyrus Dos Santos Take a look inside Hollywood. Today’s reality television is a farce when it comes to the real Hollywood. The movie “Sunset Boulevard” gives its audience a true view of Tinsel Town. For those of you who have never witnessed film noir and do not know this film, welcome to the beginning […]

Netflix it! ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’

November 19th, 2015
3 months ago

by Cyrus dos Santos I turned my television on Friday evening to see our president addressing Americans regarding another violent attack against humanity. After reading all the recent online updates, horror was all I saw — a massive attack against a free society of human beings by monsters. I was beside myself — for a long […]

Netflix it: Ripley

January 4th, 2015
1 year ago

By Kaitlin Lyle “If I could just go back… if I could rub everything out… starting with myself,” And so, with that soft-spoken opening line, the cinematic journey of Ripley begins into the mesmerizing world of intrigue, murder, and a darkly perfected talent at impersonation. In this 1999 psychological thriller, director Anthony Minghella (The English […]

Netflix it: Archer

January 4th, 2015
1 year ago

By Joshua Peck One of my personal favorite TV shows to “binge watch” on Netflix is Archer. A parody of most conventional spy shows, it features a series of raunchy one-liners. The show never fails to make me laugh out loud. What’s most remarkable about the show is it’s extensive usage of references, both in the […]

Netflix It: Double Indemity

January 4th, 2015
1 year ago

by Kaitlin Lyle “Murder’s never perfect; always comes apart sooner or later, and when two people are involved it’s usually sooner,” said Barton Keyes in the 1944 award-winning noir film “Double Indemnity”. “Double Indemnity” director, Billy Wilder, guides his audience in unveiling a murder mystery centered on the life and lies of an insurance salesman. The cinematic […]

Netflix it: Without a Paddle

January 4th, 2015
1 year ago

by Kaitlin Lyle “Without a Paddle” succeeds in satisfying the basic elements to a hilarious story: take a trio of idiots, put them in the middle of nowhere to fend for their lives and sit back and enjoy the show. Childhood friends Jerry, Tom, Billy and Dan have dreamed about searching for the lost treasure […]

Netflix it: Fatal Attraction

January 4th, 2015
1 year ago

by Kaitlin Lyle They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but what happens when there’s two women? Director Adrian Lynne has been known particularly for his enraptured focus on infidelity and its consequences on our loved ones. For “Fatal Attraction”, he concocts a gripping mixture of one man’s adultery, an affair’s bold […]

Netflix It!: The League

September 27th, 2014
1 year ago

by Ashley Arnesen Good news for all the guys out there: you can finally watch football with your girlfriend even if she still has no idea what’s going on. And, good news for all the ladies out there: you can stop pretending you have any idea what’s going on! Guys, after endless hours of trying […]

Netflix It!: “Drop Dead Diva”

September 13th, 2014
1 year ago

by Larry Clark Deb was a high fashion model with everything going for her. Perfect home, perfect boyfriend, great family and friends, but this all gets flipped upside down when tragedy strikes. Deb ends up in a car crash and dies, going straight to heaven where she ends up at the desk of an angel […]

Netflix It: “The House I Live In”

April 23rd, 2014
2 years ago

By: Kevin Jachimowicz The ‘war on drugs’ is a term that I recall hearing since I was just a kid in elementary school, probably thanks to the D.A.R.E program, either that or one of those ‘this is your brain on drugs’ adverts. In a perfect world, the war on drugs is a highly respectable and […]

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