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Men’s Soccer Struggles in Yale Defeat

By Ryan Perodeau

The Central Connecticut State University men’s soccer team were defeated on home turf 2-0 to Yale University last Wednesday.

The Blue Devils were then 3-1-0 following their first loss of the season on their home field. The match certainly had its shifts of control, with each team battling for the lead throughout the first and second half. CCSU keeper Paul Armstrong held off the Yale offense as long as he could, making 3 saves on the day.

The first 45 minutes of the match, the Blue Devil’s had plenty of opportunities to put a goal on the scoreboard. They dominated the field of play with their consistent ball movement, attacking and through balls.

The defense never let its guard down with above average pressure, which led to the ball always being in Yale’s half of the field.

Forwards Taylor Morgan and Eduardo Perez, along with midfielder Mersad Sahanic always kept the pressure on the Bulldogs defense. They combined their mind for the field, great touch, size and speed to constantly push the Yale defense.

The second half was a different story to say the least. Yale came out with a new mindset with the last 45 minutes on the clock. They began to pass much better and spread all their weapons out to open up the field.

With the injuries to Central’s junior captain Robert Cavener and sophomore sweeper Jared Spieker, Yale took advantage of the opportunities that were given to them. After losing these two important pieces, it was hard for Central to keep up the pace.

The loss of vision and confidence as a whole, the Blue Devil’s never was able to maintain their composure and regain control of the match, and Yale took the upper hand.

Each team was battling for the lead until the 77th minute when Yale’s forward Jon Carlos sent a cross to teammate Kevin Peterson, who finished it with his left foot to the back of the net.

Following the goal, the air seemed to be sucked out of the stadium and Yale continued to put the pressure on. Seizing another goal in the 87th minute on a penalty kick by Andy Hackbarth.

“I’d rather have a bulls-eye on my back than a monkey.” said coach Shaun Green. This loss won’t affect how this team prepares for every match and they will continue to grow as a unit to be the team that they know they can be.