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Blue Devils Triumph Over Bobcats

By Brittany Burke

The CCSU women’s volleyball team defeated Quinnipiac for their first conference win of the season.

For most of game one the Blue Devils (4-7, 1-0) and the Bobcats (1-11, 1-1) were neck and neck, with neither team getting a lead larger than two.

Coach Linda Sagnelli stressed the teams’ energy level during the week, which was definitely apparent in the first two games.

“An interdivision game is not something to take lightly,” Coach Sagnelli said. “We were focusing on our team energy all week long.”

The two teams were tied a total of seven times before the Blue Devils were able to pull ahead at 11-11. Once the Blue Devils got the lead there was no stopping them. Their point cushion rose, gaining 14 points and holding the Bobcats to only 6 additional points. Game one ended with CCSU on top, 25-17.

The second game was not as easy for the Blue Devils. Quinnipiac came out strong, with a lot of power and great defense. The Bobcats were up 5-0 before CCSU was able to get any points on the board. The Bobcats were consistently getting the hard hit balls and keeping up the volleys to eventually get them the point.

The Blue Devils had a tougher time in the second game with finding their rhythm. Instead of fighting point for point, CCSU had to catch up on a lead the Bobcats had set early.

As the game progressed the Blue Devils were able to catch up, tying the Bobcats at both 13-13 and 14-14. Once they had tied for the second time the Blue Devils seemed to get into a working rhythm. Their defense was able to hold the Bobcats to 14 total points. While on the offensive side of the ball. CCSU scored an additional 11 points to end the game 25-14.

“We all just really wanted to win tonight and so we came out with a lot of energy,” said junior captain Amanda Bayer. “I think that showed in the first two games.”

The Blue Devils were not able to sweep the Bobcats in three games, falling short 25-21.

“When we got to the third game things broke down,” Coach Sagnelli said. “Our transitional passing broke down, which hurt us tremendously.”

The fourth game marked another slow start for CCSU. Once again, Quinnipiac were able to take an early lead, forcing CCSU to scramble to catch up. At one point the Devils were down by six, but were able to go on a scoring run and tie the Bobcats at 22.

The Blue Devils seemed to really find their momentum in the last few moments of the game after beating the sufficient point deficit. Once at 22, the Bobcats allowed the Blue Devils to score the last three points for the win, ending the match, 3-1.

“I think it showed a lot for our team to come back in the last game and just pull out the win when we were down,” said senior captain Jamie Baumert.

While the team was happy to walk away with the win in their first NEC match of the season they’re already looking ahead for ways to get better.

“I think we still have room for improvement,” said Baumert. “We definitely want to win. I think we want to set the tone a little bit higher and win in three.”

CCSU are back home today at 7 p.m. against Hartford in a non-conference match up.