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Austin’s Fantasy Game

By Paige Brown

This past Sunday was a huge day for St. Louis Rams’ rookie receiver Tavon Austin, as well as everyone who has had him on their fantasy team.

49.40 points was what I received from Austin to win my fantasy game. He scored three touchdowns, which all went for 55 yards or longer, racking up 314 all-purpose yards in the game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Compared to Victor Cruz’s 3.70 points or Dez Bryant’s 4.40 points, Austin was the player to have to lead any team to a win.

During the 38-8 victory for the Rams, fantasy football players with Austin on their teams were in pure shock and awe, and so was the team.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football doesn’t always project the highest scores, especially for rookies. Austin was one of the lowest projections on my team, with 9.29, turning out to make the most points of any player on my roster, almost doubling the score of Detroit Lion’s quarterback, Matthew Stafford with 27.85.

Austin celebrated his first NFL punt return for a touchdown after his 98 yard run into the end zone, one that he didn’t even expect to do himself.

Most punt returners let the ball hop into the end zone for a touchback. Austin pushed down a defender before he grabbed the ball and took off. In this game alone, Austin almost doubled his previous 123 total punt return yards for the season.

Not only did his punt return yards almost double, but his percentage owned on Yahoo! Fantasy rose as well. Now 43% of teams that participate in leagues have Austin on their roster, where on Sunday, only about 36% of people owned this first-round draft pick. Only 11% of teams had him on their starting roster this past weekend.

Fans and fantasy players celebrated with his next two touchdown catches, adding another 57 and 81 yards to his personal record, also becoming the third player in NFL history to have three touchdowns of 55 yards or more in one game as a rookie next to Gale Sayers and Randy Moss.

“He has the chance to change games, and we’re going to continue working to get him the football,” said Ram’s coach Jeff Fisher to St. Lois reporters. “When he gets his hands on it, you see what he can do.”

After his 33 reception, 345 yard season so far, the game against the Colts will be known as Austin’s start to an expectantly great season, on the field and online.

The Rams, fans and fantasy players are definitely looking forward to the future of Tavon Austin. Hopefully, along with players like Vincent Jackson and Dez Bryant, he will help take my team to the top.